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AGE: 34
PROCEDURE: Gum reshaping, crowns and porcelain veneers

12 09 casestudy2

As told to Liz Bruckner

*Patient name has been changed

ELEVATE: Why did you decide to undergo a dental makeover?

JILLIAN: I sought out treatment because I wasn't happy with my smile and wanted one that would change the way I felt about that part of my face. My goal was to end up with a Hollywood-esque smile.

ELEVATE: How did you choose Dr. Weiss as your dentist?

JILLIAN: I did a lot of research online and his name kept coming up as one of the best dental professionals in Toronto. I also saw and read about him in Elevate magazine.

ELEVATE: What was going through the procedures like?

JILLIAN: Dr. Weiss made the journey as fun and painless as possible. There were many difficult times along the way, but he kept reassuring me that the end result would be worth the wait, and he was right.

ELEVATE: What sort of after-care routine do you follow?

JILLIAN: I see Dr. Weiss every three months for general cleaning, and to make sure that the at-home brushing and flossing I do is effective and maintaining my smile.

ELEVATE: How do you feel about your results?

JILLIAN: I was blown away with the end product. After seeing my new teeth and looking at the before photos, I'm thrilled with what he did for me, and am so thankful for the tremendous amount of self-esteem this whole experience has brought into my life. Before I would hide my smile and now I'm confidently showing off my beautiful teeth every chance I get. If I had to do it over again I wouldn't change a thing. I was so blessed to work with Dr. Weiss; he did everything he said he would and more. I can't thank him enough for the amazing work he did, and for creating a new version of me!

Ask the Doctor

Dr. Sol Weiss, DMD
The Art of Dentistry, Toronto

ELEVATE: How did you develop a plan for treating Jillian's concerns?

DR. WEISS: Jillian came to the office with concerns about her teeth being too short for her face, that her gums were quite visible when she smiled, and that some of the teeth she'd had bonded in the past had started to turn yellow or grey. After putting together a treatment plan she was onboard with, we moved forward with rejuvenating her appearance by mixing crowns with veneers on all her teeth to create a brighter, youthful smile. We also changed the size of her teeth, increasing them to double what they were, and reduced the amount of visible gums for a complete overhaul.

ELEVATE How long did these procedures take?

DR. WEISS: We started in February and finished treatment in June. Similar procedures can be done in a more timely manner, but there was necessary time worked in to allow for the healing of her gum work.

ELEVATE: Is there an ideal candidate for these procedures?

DR. WEISS: Usually patients seeking out these types of procedures are in their 40s or 50s, have a lot of badly broken teeth, and are looking for a way to rejuvenate their smile and overall structure of their mouth. Jillian is only 34, but because of these issues, she looked at least 15 or 20 years older.

ELEVATE: What sort of after-care is required to maintain results?

DR. WEISS: Aftercare is hugely important. Cleanings every three months are key, and patients like Jillian who have issues with their gums need to make sure they're taking care of them with daily flossing. The bottom line is that the more work you have done, the more upkeep it requires in the long term.

ELEVATE: What's the approximate cost of these types of treatment?

DR. WEISS: The approximate cost of Jillian's entire procedure, which included a crown on every tooth, multiple veneers and gum rejuvenation, ranges from $30,000 to $50,000.