Constance* 40

Procedure: Breast augmentation

Performed by: Dr. William Middleton

*Patient name has been changed

I chose to have breast-augmentation surgery because I was losing volume. I was never unhappy with my smaller size, but I wanted to restore the lost fullness.

A friend of mine referred me to Dr. William Middleton after having the same procedure. She was thrilled with her results, so it was easy for me to decide to move forward. I found his website and booked a consultation.

When it came to deciding a size, I searched the Internet for before- and-after photos of women who had my approximate weight and height. Dr. Middleton's excellent nursing staff also helped in selecting implants in sizes that fit my self-image. I went from an A-cup to a full B-cup; I felt this was still a very natural looking size for my body. I was not out to get attention-I simply wanted this change for myself.

About six weeks after my consultation, I had the procedure. Recovery was relatively painless, as the placement of the implant was above the muscle. I was back to work in a few days.

My breasts are beautiful. They look and feel natural and are in balance with the rest of my body.

I have only discussed my surgery with my closest friends. It is really nobody's business but my own. I am an emotionally stable individual and had realistic expectations of the results of this procedure. I did not consider this a life-changing experience. Besides the fact that there are certain clothes I can wear now that I could not carry off before, nothing has really changed.