Name: Elizabeth

Age: 45

Procedure: Breast augmentation

Surgeon: Dr. Timothy Sproule

In 2001, I had gastric bypass surgery, a stomach stapling procedure. I weighed 270 pounds then, and within a year I lost 140 pounds. But I hadn't thought about the after-effects of such a significant change. One day I looked in the mirror and cried at all the loose, wrinkly, hanging skin left from the rapid weight loss. I went online to see what others were doing and found out that most people on the weight-loss support sites were having tummy tucks and breast augmentations. I realized I wanted to do the same so I could really look my best.

My girlfriend had just had a breast augmentation with Dr. Tim Sproule and was very happy. I called his office to see if he could help me. After meeting him, I researched his website and decided to book a tummy tuck, breast reduction (removing mostly excess skin), then an augmentation with implants, and liposuction on my waist and back. I had it all done at once, exactly a year after my bypass.

I was very nervous about the procedures, but excited to have it all done. I don't remember ever having second thoughts-I was just excited to see what the outcome would be. I looked rough afterward, and because I had so many procedures done at once, the healing process was a bit slower for me. I think I was back to normal in about three weeks.

When the swelling went down, I was thrilled with the results, proud of my new slim waist and my beautiful, perky new breasts. I remember going shopping for my first-ever bikini-what an amazing feeling that was.

In the first year of my weight loss I found that I was treated differently. I clearly saw that being fat meant I was discriminated against. After losing weight and having the breast enhancement and other procedures, the same men that used to talk to me but not really look at me were now staring at me and telling me how "hot" I was, opening doors and smiling, even whistling at me. It was very flattering and yet overwhelming, as I was not used to the attention at all.

It's been seven years, and I've gained back about 30 pounds, but I still feel great and still get told I'm "hot." No one believes I'm 45 with a 19-year-old son and 15-year-old daughter. That's worth the ride. I'm thankful for all Dr. Sproule has done to help make me feel beautiful. I'm a much more confident and secure person. My life has changed for the better, and just keeps improving.