Name: Daniella*

Age: 22

Procedure: Breast augmentation

It took me a few years to decide that I was 100 per cent sure about getting my breasts enhanced. As I got older, I got more self-conscious. I felt like a 22-year-old in a 12-year-old's body.

I used the Internet to look into breast enhancement and doctors who specialized in the procedure. Looking for the right doctor was nerve-wracking, but after two months of heavy research I decided Dr. Jerome Edelstein was right for me. He had many wonderful reviews, great credentials and many years of experience.

Picking the type of implant was the easiest decision. I have a petite frame and had very little breast tissue, so I chose cohesive gel implants for a natural look and feel. Although they're more expensive, it was well worth it.

Choosing the size of the implant was the most difficult part of the whole experience. Before-and-after pictures of different patients with different sizes confused me. Even if two patients received the same size implants, they had different results and bra sizes. I began with a full A- to small B-cup and was looking for a medium-to-full C cup. After sizing advice from Dr. Edelstein, I was given two options: 350 cc and 375cc. I went with 375cc; I wanted placement under the breast muscle, which means you need a bigger size.

After the surgery I was a little tired and felt pressure in my chest. A few hours later, I felt some pain and soreness, but with some pain medication and lots of sleep I felt better quickly.

The first three days were the hardest. I was not in much pain, but it was difficult to move around. I spent those three days resting. After that, I noticed a huge difference in pain and mobility. I went back to work after five days with minimal soreness in my chest area, but it was not until two or three weeks later that I felt back to normal.

After a month, my breasts began to drop and soften up nicely. It was not until the second month that they felt completely like mine. Now they feel and look so natural that I sometimes forget they're even there, and I get many compliments.

The procedure has totally changed my life. I am much happier with my body. I look in the mirror more often and shopping is a lot more fun. Sometimes, I don't even have to try clothes on because I already know they'll look good. My self-esteem has skyrocketed and I am no longer self-conscious about my body.

I was very proud to tell all my friends and family about my enhancement. At times I was a little embarrassed at some questions they asked, but they understood where I was coming from and it was perfectly normal. Breast enhancement is very common now, and it's beginning to be accepted.

*patient name has been changed