Jessica*, 21

Procedure: Rhinoplasty

Performed by: Dr. Philip Solomon

*Patient name has been changed

I first considered rhinoplasty when I was in Grade 9. I wasn't obsessed about my nose or anything—I just wanted it to look smaller and more proportionate to my face.

My biggest problem was actually picking a date for the surgery due to my hectic schedule. I figured the best time would be between finishing high school and starting university, just before starting my summer job.

I was lucky because I didn't have to shop around for a surgeon—Dr. Solomon and I hit it off immediately! He was warm, approachable and he answered all my questions in detail. When I explained that I didn't want anything drastic, and how important it was to me to look natural, he understood my feelings exactly.

At our pre-op meeting, Dr. Solomon did a digit-al mock-up. We discussed what I wanted my nose to look like, and he made the changes right there onscreen. He then explained that all incisions would be made internally to prevent external scarring. My nose would be shortened and narrowed; the tip reduced slightly and the bump removed.

After the surgery at his clinic in Thornhill, Ont., I was a little groggy because of the anesthetic. But by day three, I was up and running around like usual! Ten days later, when the splint came off, my nose was still swollen but it looked great! (I couldn't stop looking at it in the mirror!)

The swelling continued to go down, and my new nose has remained the same for several months. Was it worth it? Absolutely! I love my new nose, and, as for the actual surgery, I just had my wisdom teeth removed and, believe me, rhinoplasty was far easier.