Heather*, 34

Procedure: Rhinoplasty

Performed by: Dr. Peter Adamson

*Patient name has been changed

Even though I'd never been happy with my nose, I didn't allow my feelings to hold me back socially or professionally. But when I had jaw surgery five years ago, the surgeon mentioned that rhinoplasty would improve the look of my nose. So, I decided to go for it!

I knew the best time to have surgery would be during my maternity leave. I waited till my baby was seven-months-old and did a lot of research in the meantime. I quickly realized that I didn't want a cookie-cutter nose. On some doctors' websites, their patients' noses looked like ski slopes after surgery, regardless of their ethnic backgrounds. Confused, I ended up phoning my maxilofacial surgeon for advice, and he recommended Toronto-based Dr. Adamson.

As soon as I looked at the before-and-after pictures on Dr. Adamson's site, I knew he was the right surgeon for me. When I met with him, he was compassionate and caring as he inquired about my concerns. I told him I didn't like my nose because it was too big and crooked, and my nostrils were too large. He soon discovered I also had a deviated septum.

Dr. Adamson outlined how he would correct this and also streamline my nose to harmonize with my other features. (He even told me he'd put extra cartilage in the tip, so my nose wouldn't droop as I age!)

On the day of my rhinoplasty, I woke up feeling really excited, even though my husband was scared about me having surgery. But compared to my jaw operation, the rhinoplasty and septoplasty by Dr. Adamson were a breeze! I felt very cared for in his luxurious clinic.

My recovery went very well. Fortunately, my in-laws were around to help with the baby and our toddler. A month after surgery, the swelling had subsided to the point where people didn't even notice. I was thrilled with the results—and I still am! But it's not just about the way I look: Rhinoplasty was something I wanted to do for myself and, because I actually followed through with it, it's made me a happier and more confident person.