Agnes* 38

Procedure: Titan laser treatment

Performed by: Dr. Pugen

*Patient name has been changed

Elevate: Why did you decide to have this procedure?
Agnes: "I had lost some weight, about 40 pounds, and found my neck was a bit saggy and bothersome so I decided to try and treat the area for elasticity and wrinkling."

Elevate: How did you choose your clinic?
Agnes: "A few of my friends had spoken to me about it, so I thought it would be a good place to try."

Elevate: How did you and your doctor decide that this was the right treatment for you?
Agnes: "I was thinking surgery, but thought it was a bit dramatic and costly for right now so this was suggested. I was told results wouldn't be dramatic, but it would help and I'd see results over time."

Elevate: How many treatments have you received?
Agnes: "I've had two treatments about four or five weeks apart so far, but I will go back for more."

Elevate: What does the treatment feel like?
Agnes: "It's kind of like a pinching feeling. It doesn't burn, but you do feel the heat. It's a tolerable sensation, and I didn't need any numbing cream. And I think it can be adjusted to your tolerance level."

Elevate: Was there any downtime?
Agnes: "No, I was able to go to work the next day."

Elevate: Did you see results?
Agnes: "I did. It hasn't fixed the problem completely but, yes, I see results. I may consider something more dramatic in the future, but at this point this is good and better than I expected. I think that if I continue the treatment I will see even better results."

Ask the Doctor

Dr. Pugen, MD
Bellair Laser Clinic, Toronto

What is Titan? How does it work?
Dr. Pugen:: "Titan is a laser which attracts water in the deeper dermis. Its broadband spectrum is ideal for water absorption and allows uniform and even heating of the dermis. It functions on the principle of volumetric heating of the dermis. Essentially we're increasing the dermal temperature to the point of collagen contraction and, in turn, tightening the skin."

Is there downtime?
Dr. Pugen:: "No. Titan is not attracted to pigment, which is why a patient's skin tone or tanned skin is not a contraindication for the treatment. The client will experience slight erythema (redness) post–treatment for half an hour or so."

How many treatments would the average patient need for the neck area?
Dr. Pugen:: "Most patients or clients will undergo a series of one to three treatments. They will notice the tightening effects of the laser immediately and results will continue to improve up to eight months post–treatment. Whenever we're dealing with collagen building, it takes time to see results as we are relying on a natural response from the body. However, best results are seen one to two months after treatment."

Who is the ideal patient?
Dr. Pugen:: "The ideal patient is one who has skin laxity. Skin that moves with gentle touch is ideal. The neck is a perfect area since most people will develop laxity on the neck with age."

Are there any risks involved with this procedure?
Dr. Pugen:: "With any laser there is the risk of epidermal damage. The risks with the Titan are very rare since the laser penetrates deeper, we use incremental heating of the dermis and the laser is not attracted to pigment. The laser is so safe that there isn't any downtime with the procedure or aftercare.

What is the average cost?
Dr. Pugen:: "Approximately $500 to $700 a session."