Sarah 31

Liposuction with abdominoplasty

Performed by:
Dr. Michael Kreidstein

*Patient name has been changed

Elevate Why did you decide to get liposuction to treat your areas of concern?
I wanted liposuction in particular areas to enhance my appearance and to improve body shape and contour. After the birth of my second child, I lost 45 pounds but I still couldn't get rid of fat deposits in certain areas of my body through diet and exercise. It became really frustrating for me to see no actual results. I decided liposuction was the only way for me to get rid of fat deposits/bulges from my hips, sacrum, and back areas. I wanted my pre–pregnancy figure back and wanted to feel like myself again.

Elevate How did you choose your doctor?
I did extensive research for two years before my surgery. played a huge role, as well as word of mouth, before and after pictures and consultations with other plastic surgeons. I wanted an honest doctor who would understand my goals and expectations, be extremely knowledgeable and have extensive experience and expertise in performing liposuction/tummy tucks.

Elevate What was your recovery like?
During the first two weeks of recovery I felt some discomfort. There was some pain, swelling, bruising and numbness. I felt sore and stiff. I took prescribed painkillers and the pain was controlled.

ElevateWhat kind of results did you notice?
Once the swelling subsided, about three to four weeks post–op, I saw a huge difference in my body shape and especially while wearing clothes. I have a beautiful hour glass figure.

Elevate How has this experience improved your quality of life?
It's been six weeks (at time of interview) since my surgery, and I feel fantastic about the results and my new body shape. I can now put on a pair of jeans without having to hide my tummy and hips with a long shirt. My self–confidence and self–esteem have increased more than I can describe in words. This would never be possible without Dr. Kreidstein. I keep reminding him every time I see him during my post–op appointments!

Ask the Doctor

Dr. Kreidstein, MD, M.Sc., FRCSC

Elevate: Who is a good candidate for liposuction?
Dr. Kreidstein: Liposuction is a good option for anyone with areas of excess fat and skin that isn't too loose.

Elevate: How does liposuction work in tandem with a tummy tuck?
Dr. Kreidstein:
Good tummy tuck surgery can do such a great job at repairing your abdominal wall, that your hips and thighs can start looking shabby in comparison. Liposuction is a great way to keep everything in beautiful harmony.

Elevate: Do power tools like laser and ultrasonic liposuction give better results?
Dr. Kreidstein:
I can't imagine choosing an artist who uses a power sprayer instead of a paint brush, but the advertising for "power liposuction" techniques is so powerful that patients succumb to this message without thinking. Choose your surgeon based on reputation and results, and let your surgeon decide what tools to use. Our technique is a refinement of traditional liposuction, and it allows us to deliver artistic results that would be impossible to achieve with power tools.

Elevate What is the average cost of liposuction?
Dr. Kreidstein: Our fees are in the range of $2,000 to $10,000, depending on the extent of the procedure and the number of areas treated.

'' I feel fantastic about the results and my new body shape. I can now put on a pair of jeans without having to hide my tummy and hips with a long shirt. My self– confidence and self–esteem have increased more than i can describe in words."