Marni 42

Tummy tuck

Performed by:
Dr. Robert Sleightholm, HONS. B.SC., MD. FRCSC, Plastic Surgeon.

*Patient name has been changed

Elevate Why did you decide to have a tummy tuck?
Marni I had lost, through diet and hot yoga, 110 pounds. Between that and the C–section I had while giving birth to my son [five years ago], I couldn’t get rid of the loose skin on my abdomen. My upper and lower abs, obliques, etc., were tight but the skin was awful: numb, flabby, like a kangaroo pouch. It made me self–conscious to the point of interrupting my yoga practice. It also caused depression.

Elevate Why did you choose Dr. Sleightholm?
Marni I chose him because my doctor, the same doctor I’ve had for 35 years, did a great deal of research on my behalf and said Dr. Sleightholm was the best.

Elevate What was the procedure like?
Marni The procedure itself seemed easy. I was treated with such kindness, concern and softness. All my anxieties were addressed and everything was fully explained. I had unquestionable trust in Dr Sleightholm and the staff. There were no surprises at all.

Elevate How was the recovery? Did you receive any special instructions?
Marni The recovery was more difficult than I expected. It wasn’t a pain issue, but I was very nauseous, couldn’t eat and had trouble sleeping. However, the scar healed beautifully—no pain or issues there. Also, Dr. Sleightholm made himself available to me 24–7—even Christmas eve! I had called him because I’d been throwing up and couldn’t break the cycle. He called me back within five minutes and gave me options [for resolving the problem].

Elevate What were the results of the procedure?
Marni I was beyond thrilled. That ugly, wrinkly, numb pouch of skin was gone and my real abs, my six pack, got to shine through. I felt younger, stronger. It was difficult to get a full stretch in the yoga studio but that has come back over time. I loved my body for the first time in years and it was liberating, to say the least. My parents and husband were very supportive. I think they felt that I deserved this treat, given the number of years I’d been diligently working on my body. It was a reward, in a sense, for having lost so much weight and kept it off.

Ask the Doctor

Dr. Sleightholm, Hons. B. Sc., MD, FRCSC
Brampton Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa

Elevate Who is a good candidate for a tummy tuck?
Dr. Sleightholm A person with no significant medical history, who is willing to change to a healthier lifestyle. Ideally, they should have a body mass index (weight in kg/height in metres) of approximately 25 and their skin and muscle laxity should not have been previously corrected by nonsurgical procedures. They should also have realistic expectations.

Elevate What is the average cost of this procedure?
Dr. Sleightholm $8,000

Elevate How do you feel about Marni’s results?
Dr. Sleightholm I am pleased with her outcome. She expressed to me that she was thrilled with the result and the experience was good. Also, she referred another patient to me.