Laura*, 38

PROCEDURE: Breast Reconstruction & Augmentation

PERFORMED BY: Dr. Martin Jugenburg, MD, FRCSC

*Patient name has been changed

ELEVATE: What prompted you to have breast reconstruction done?

LAURA: "I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003, and after receiving the news, saw my life change completely. All of my efforts were focused on learning how to live a normal life, overcome limitations and deal with the everyday challenges life can bring. In 2010, after dealing with seven years of depression and stress, I decided I wanted to feel like myself again, so I began looking into breast reconstruction more seriously."

ELEVATE: How did you choose Dr. Jugenburg as your plastic surgeon?

LAURA: "Before meeting Dr. Jugenburg, I'd discussed the procedure with another doctor, but felt uncomfortable right from the start. One year later, based on the recommendations of two other doctors, I met Dr. Jugenburg and immediately liked him. Our meetings went well, he was very respectful and responsive to my wants and needs, and was always the picture of professionalism."

ELEVATE: Are you happy with your results?

LAURA: "Honestly, the results are so great that I regret not having the procedure done earlier! My left breast &#mdash the one I'd had the mastectomy done on that required the reconstruction and implant &#mdash looks fantastic, and so does my right breast, which I opted to have an augmentation done on at the same time. Though I initially wasn't sure if having both breasts done was the best route for me, now that they are, I know I made the right decision."

ELEVATE: How has having the surgery impacted your life?

LAURA: "Only people who have had a mastectomy can deeply understand what it means to live with the limitations that accompany the procedure. Now I'm finally able to wear what I want, travel where I want and simply feel comfortable in my skin. Having the surgery done has caused me to feel beautiful, attractive and con dent again. It has absolutely changed my life for the better."

Ask the Doctor

Dr. Martin Jugenburg, MD, FRCSC

ELEVATE: What surgeries did Laura have done?

DR. JUGENBURG: "Laura had a two-stage left breast reconstruction done, which involved inserting a tissue expander under the skin in her chest to slowly expand the remaining skin around that breast. e expander was in ated in regular intervals, and then a few months later, after the skin was stabilized and loosened around it, an implant was inserted. At the same time, at Laura's request, I also performed an augmentation on her right breast."

ELEVATE: Who's a good candidate for these procedures?

DR. JUGENBURG: "Every patient is different and requires a consultation based on their specific needs, but someone who is in good health, not morbidly obese, and who has not had radiation treatments in the past is generally the ideal candidate."

ELEVATE: What's the recovery time for this surgery, and are there any activities women undergoing it should forego while healing?

DR. JUGENBURG: "I advise that patients avoid heavy physical activities, such as lifting heavy objects, jumping or other activities that may displace the implant/ tissue expander while it heals. These restrictions last six weeks. Otherwise, everyday activities and nonphysical, office-type jobs can be resumed within two to five days."

ELEVATE: What is the average cost of these procedures?

DR. JUGENBURG: "OHIP covers breast reconstructive procedures, including the tissue expansion, implants and nipple reconstruction. For an augmentation like the one that was performed on Laura's right breast, costs start at $6,500 for saline implants and $8,500 for silicone augmentations."