AGE: 28
PROCEDURE: Porcelain veneers, laser micro gingivectomy and an acrylic tooth flange
PERFORMED BY: Dr. Edward Philips

*Patient name has been changed

ELEVATE: What prompted you to seek out treatment for your teeth?

Sarah: I had some missing teeth on the right side of my mouth and was becoming less and less confident when I smiled. It was getting to the point that I tried not to smile because I didn't want people to see the spaces. I was also experiencing some difficulty eating certain foods, and my mouth had become very sensitive to hot and cold. The culmination of all those things made me seek help.

ELEVATE: Why did you choose Dr. Philips as your specialist?

Sarah: I was living on the East Coast when I first started my research, and came across Dr. Philips' name online. All it took was a few minutes on his website and reading some testimonials from patients to convince me he was the doctor for me. Even when I'd met him [after moving to Toronto] and had appointments in place to get the work done, if I was nervous, all I had to do was look at those pictures again and remind myself of how amazing he was going to make my teeth look, and right away my nerves were at ease.

ELEVATE: How do you feel about your results?

Sarah: I'm incredibly happy with them! I'm so much more confident when I smile or even just talk, and have had no issues since Dr. Philips completed the work. My teeth look great, they feel great and I couldn't be more pleased.

ELEVATE: Is there anything you would change about your experience?

Sarah: I wish I would have done it sooner. I've never been the type of person who liked going to the dentist, but my experience with Dr. Philips has changed that. I see what he's done and I want to maintain it. I want to keep my smile as great as it looks now for as long as I possibly can.

Ask the Doctor

Dr. Edward Philips, BA, DDS
The Studio for Aesthetic Dentistry

ELEVATE: What procedures did Sarah undergo?

Dr. Philips: Sarah came to me having lost a lot of faith in dentists. She had had some crowns done in the past that didn't work out, and she also had a few missing teeth that created issues with her ability to chew food. When we initially met, we discussed what she was looking for and came up with a proposed solution to meet all her needs. She agreed to move forward and we used porcelain veneer on eight of her teeth, performed a micro gingivectomy to reshape her gums, and since implants weren't an option, added an acrylic dental flange to the right side of her mouth to address the area missing teeth.

ELEVATE: Is there an ideal candidate for these procedures?

Dr. Philips: Aesthetic dentists have the ability to solve most dental problems. That said, the only things that would disqualify someone from having these procedures performed is if they have undergone radiation treatment or have neglected their teeth to the point that irreparable periodontal damage has been done, meaning they're wiggly and ready to fall out. If a tooth's roots are solid, there's no problem.

ELEVATE: What's the recovery period like following a procedure like this?

Dr. Philips: Because she didn't have surgery performed, recovery time is minimal. She would have been able to return to her regular life almost right away.

ELEVATE: What's the average cost of these procedures?

Dr. Philips: Based on the type of veneer used—there are so many variations, not to mention different levels of quality—they range between $1,000 and $2,000 per tooth. Putting three teeth on an acrylic flange cost approximately $2,000, and undergoing the laser micro gingivectomy cost around $900.