See how facial fillers gave Jason a younger, fresher look.

Name: Jason Kaliczak

Procedure: Injectable fillers to the tear troughs, cheeks, nasolabial folds, chin and jawline ($700 per vial) and Dysport to the glabellar lines, crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles ($325 per area)

Performed by: Dr. Cory Torgerson

before and after torgerson

ELEVATE: What made you decide to get fillers?

Jason Kaliczak: After researching various treatments that would help with aging eyes, it seemed pretty clear that getting both Botox and a filler were my only options if I truly wanted results.

ELEVATE: Why did you choose Dr. Torgerson?

J.K.: In all honesty, he was the first clinic I called and scheduled a consultation with. Who knew I would be so lucky my first time? After meeting with Dr. Torgerson, it was very clear to me that he was my guy. His honesty is what won me over.

ELEVATE: What did you experience during your procedure and during the recovery?

J.K.: The procedures he performed on me were quite noninvasive. There was very little pain and no downtime. I was back in my classroom teaching the next day.

ELEVATE: How did you feel about your new look after the procedure?

J.K.: I was quite surprised at the immediate results. My lower lids were much fuller which in turn made my eyes look less tired and dark.

ELEVATE: How did it impact your self-esteem?

J.K.: Of course, when you look better on the outside, you tend to be more confident when dealing with people. My self-esteem skyrocketed and I had a little more spring in my step.

ELEVATE: Did you feel any stigma being a man and getting fillers?

J.K.: I had no qualms with seeking this type of treatment. I never looked at it as though this treatment was just for women. All people have the right to do what makes them feel good.

ELEVATE: What advice do you have for men who are thinking of getting plastic surgery done?

J.K.: I would simply tell men to research the procedure they’re interested in. Ultimately, going in for a consultation is a must because the procedure you think you want may not be the procedure you truly need. A good doctor like Dr. Torgerson will be completely honest with you and only tell you what you need to do.

Ask the Doctor

ELEVATE: What can patients expect during the procedure and during their recovery?

Dr. Torgerson: The results from facial injectable fillers are instant. There is usually some swelling associated with water uptake for about eight hours after the product is injected—this will make the product feel firmer and slightly tender. The swelling can last for several days but will soften appropriately. There is generally no downtime for Dysport or Botox. The product begins to work within two to six days after being injected and usually lasts three or four months.

ELEVATE: How did the patient feel about his new look post-surgery?

Dr. Torgerson: Jason was delighted after his injectable treatment. His results were dramatic yet extremely natural at the same time.

ELEVATE: What are some of the stigmas surrounding men who get plastic surgery procedures done?

Dr. Torgerson: The stigma associated with cosmetic procedures for men is rapidly decreasing. In my downtown Toronto practice, about 40 per cent of my patients are men. There is a rapid transition in men in terms of their motivation to pursue cosmetic procedures. More and more, it is becoming an extension of personal grooming. They are doing it more for themselves and as maintenance for anti-aging.

ELEVATE: What are some of the most popular procedures you’ve performed on men?

Dr. Torgerson: The most popular procedures are NeoGraft hair transplants, injectable hyaluronic acid fillers, Botox, Dysport, rhinoplasty, chin implants, eyelid surgery and facelifts.

ELEVATE: Are certain procedures, surgeries or recovery times different between men and women? Does the gender of a patient have any impact on surgery?

Dr. Torgerson: Generally not. Men often have a more robust blood supply and can bleed more during surgical procedures. This can have an impact intraoperatively and result in more bruising and swelling after the surgery.

ELEVATE: What advice can you give men who are unsure about getting plastic surgery procedures done?

Dr. Torgerson: Do some research on the cosmetic procedure you’re interested in before your consultation. Find a physician that specializes in your area of concern. Meet the doctor to ensure that you’re on the same page for the right procedure, the right timing and the right fit in terms of doctor-patient relationship.