See how Ward's confidence incrased with contouring to his jawline and abdomen.

Name: Ward Anderson

Procedure: Reduction of the double chin and enhancement of the jawline, body contouring ($5,000 to $6,000 for a single area, $1,500 to $2,000 for each additional area) with BodyTite liposuction and mild abdominal etching.

Performed By: Dr. Peter Bray

case study before and after abdominal etching

ELEVATE: What made you decide to get these procedures done?

Ward Anderson: I was frustrated with all the hard work I was doing in the gym not showing up on my body. I had lost a lot of weight but still had stubborn love handles and a spare tire around my middle. I was eating healthy and very close to my ideal weight but that annoying extra fat just wouldn’t go away. It was a constant reminder of when I had been much heavier.

ELEVATE: Why did you choose Dr. Peter Bray?

W.A.: I had a cyst on my hand removed by Dr. Bray the year before. I liked that he was easygoing, patient and really good at explaining what it all entailed when we discussed plastic surgery. He was also upfront and honest about expectations and the realities involved. Dr. Bray is obviously great at what he does, but his interaction with patients stands out.

ELEVATE: What did you experience during your procedure and recovery?

W.A.: During the first few weeks, I was so wrapped up and swollen, there was no telling what had happened. There were weeks of looking and feeling better but also weeks of looking and feeling worse. Somewhere, after about four months, I started to see what the final results would be. By the time six months had passed, I’d settled into it all.

ELEVATE:How did you feel about your new look after the procedure? How did it impact your self-esteem?

W.A.: I couldn’t be happier. The love handles are gone. I fit intoclothes better than before and my pants don’t sit awkwardly on my body now. My self-esteem was restored and people constantly comment on how much better I look.

ELEVATE: Did you feel any stigma about getting plastic surgery as a man?

W.A.: Sure. There will always be people who scoff and say “Just do more crunches” or “Get to the gym more often,” but I’ve always been fit and active. Those same guys later ask me for Dr. Bray’s contact info.

ELEVATE: What advice do you have for men who are thinking about getting plastic surgery?

W.A.: Keep your expectations realistic. First of all, it’s something you’re going to be happy with for years, not days or months. Be patient and positive. Also, don’t look for it to solve all your problems. You’re still going to have to keep active and watch your diet. You aren’t going to cure your bad habits with plastic surgery, and you won’t suddenly lose 30 pounds with liposuction. The point of plastic surgery like liposuction is to tweak, improve and enhance your appearance, not erase your mistakes while continuing to make them.

Ask the Doctor

Dr, Peter Bray, MD, MSc, FRCSC, Dr. Bray Plastic Surgery & MediSpa

ELEVATE: Why was this patient a good candidate for these procedures?

Dr. Peter Bray: He had already achieved a stable, healthy weight, so we were able to focus on shape and contouring rather than major fat reduction. Equally important was the fact that he had realistic expectations.

ELEVATE:What can patients expect during the procedure and during their recovery?

Dr. Peter Bray: This patient required a general anaesthetic but was able to head home the same day after a few hours of recovery. Patients can expect some mild discomfort, swelling and bruising afterwards. A compression garment is worn for four to six weeks, but it’s easily concealed under regular clothing.

ELEVATE: How did the patient feel about his new look post-surgery?

Dr. Peter Bray: He was very pleased with the results and had satisfied his goals. His confidence improved, and he was more comfortable wearing form-fitting clothing. He noted an enhanced incentive to hit the gym and maintain his results.

ELEVATE: What are some of the stigmas surrounding men getting plastic surgery procedures done? Have you seen this change throughout your career?

Dr. Peter Bray:Cosmetic enhancement has historically been mostly the domain of women. Consequently, men believed that engaging in such an activity wasn’t masculine. In my own practice, the proportion of male clients has increased from about 10 per cent to more than 40 per cent within the past five years. The high visibility of male celebrities receiving cosmetic surgery has helped with this acceptance. They think “If manly dudes like Gene Simmons and George Clooney can undergo cosmetic treatments, why can’t I?”

ELEVATE: What are some of the most popular procedures you’ve performed on men?

Dr. Peter Bray: Procedures to enhance the neck and jawline remain very popular among men. Simple augmentation with injectable fillers has become popular. In addition, many men benefit from liposculpture and/or skin tightening to remove excess fat and unmask the underlying jawline. I’ve been receiving a lot of requests for male breast reductions to treat the dreaded “man boobs,” also known as gynecomastia. Body contouring procedures have also become very popular.

ELEVATE: Do certain procedures or recovery times differ between men and women?

Dr. Peter Bray: Male and female body shapes are quite different. The contours and proportions for a man must be planned differently, so it helps to consult with a surgeon who has experience working with men. Men have certain physiological and anatomical differences compared to women, such as thicker skin, more fibrous fat and a greater tendency for bleeding. Because men have more fibrous fat, it can be more difficult to remove, so I find energy-assiste  liposuction of particular benefit for men.