A patient shares her experience on how scar therapy boosted her self-esteem. 



Name:  Kate P.

Procedure: Sciton ProFractional Laser

Performed by: Dr. Julia Carroll


Elevate: Why did you opt for this procedure, and how and why did you choose Dr. Carroll?

Kate P.: I had two painful and raised red bumps on my lower legs and wanted to have them addressed. As for how and why I chose Dr. Carroll, she is incredibly knowledgeable and is always on the cutting edge in her field. She never fails to take time to address every concern, medical or cosmetic, I feel very confident in her abilities.

Elevate:  What was the actual procedure like?

Kate P.: I had three or four sessions of fractional laser therapy and each took about 10 minutes. While I had mild discomfort, the sessions were relatively painless. It felt like someone was snapping a rubber band very close to my skin.

Elevate:  Were there any post-treatment guidelines you were advised to follow?

Kate P.: Not many. For the most part, I just had to keep the area clean and moisturized after each treatment.

Elevate: How do you feel about your results?

Kate P.: My results are great! It took a while for the redness to disappear, but the marks are barely visible and no longer painful. If you see something small on your body that bothers you every day, it’s worth doing something about it, especially if there is pain associated with it.

Elevate:  Would you recommend that others with similar issues undergo the procedure?

Kate P.: Absolutely! Dr. Carroll is a kind, caring, excellent doctor.

Ask the Doctor

Dr. Julia Carroll, FRCP, Compass Dermatology, compassdermatology.ca

Elevate: What concerns did Kate have during your initial consultation with her?

Dr. Carroll: Kate was bothered by two scar-like dermatofibromas on her lower legs. These are small, pea-sized nodules that can appear on the body and can happen spontaneously from ingrown hairs or following a bug bite. Over time, they can slowly grow into a hard lump in or above the skin, and can be painful and/or bother the patient cosmetically.

Elevate:  What does treatment for dermatofibromas entail?

Dr. Carroll: Once Kate had confirmation that the bumps weren’t cancerous, she wanted to address them cosmetically as she didn’t like the way they looked when wearing shorts or skirts and that they were often nicked during shaving.

In terms of treatment, since traditional scar removal surgery can leave a scar that looks worse than the spot itself, our office developed an approach that involves treating the area with a Sciton ProFractional Laser combined with broadband light. After cleaning and disinfecting the area, we apply one or two shots from the laser until a bit of blood appears from the scar. This tells us we’ve gone deep enough and reached the non-scarred collagen portion of the skin.

Elevate:  Who is the ideal patient for this procedure?

Dr. Carroll: With dermatofibromas, spots are either raised, flat or dipped. Patients with flat or dipped spots are better candidates for this procedure, while those with raised, dome-shaped spots will likely experience better results from surgery first and this procedure later.

Elevate:  What long-term results can patients expect?

Dr. Carroll:Based on our studies, results have been permanent. This stands to reason since the laser has induced new collagen production and effectively “broken down” the scar. It’s very unlikely that patients will experience a recurrence of the scar in the future.