A real-life patient shares how she got the body she always wanted with the help of non-invasive body contouring.body contouring

Name: Tanya

Procedure: Venus Freeze and Venus Legacy

Performed by: True MediSpa

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ELEVATE: What procedure did you have done and why did you choose this procedure?

Tanya: The Venus Freeze and Venus Legacy. Originally I chose this because I had some scarring from a previous surgery on my stomach and I wanted to see if it could make a difference on those scars. I was very happy with the results.

ELEVATE: What drew you to True MediSpa?

Tanya: I felt really comfortable with the doctors and staff and their level of expertise. They talked about the different products and what I could have done for my scars. Also, we discussed the level of pain certain procedures compared to others and why they felt this was the perfect procedure for me.

ELEVATE: How has having this procedure done changed the way you see and feel about yourself?

Tanya: I’m able to feel more comfortable in a bathing suit. Even in clothes, I feel like my stomach is flatter. The scars aren’t as obvious as they were before.

ELEVATE: How did you feel after your procedure and during your recovery time?

Tanya: There’s no downtime. You can go from doing your procedure to doing whatever you need to do. It’s a very comfortable procedure, and it fits into your lifestyle very easily.

ELEVATE: Would you recommend this procedure and True MediSpa to future patients?

Tanya: Absolutely, and I have! It was a great experience overall. To readers, I would say, trust the advice of the doctors. Whatever your concerns are, go in and they’ll be able to tell you all the different options of what they recommend and why. You can trust them to give you the best advice.


Dr. Romy Saibil & Dr. Francine Gerstein, physicians at True Medi Spa, truemedispa.com

ELEVATE: What procedure did you perform for your patient?

Dr. Gerstein: The Venus Freeze was used on the patient’s neck, and the Venus Legacy was used on the patient’s abdomen.

ELEVATE: What does this procedure involve?

Dr. Saibil: It’s used in general on the face, neck and body. It’s a pain-free, really comfortable procedure with zero downtime. In general, the machine is used for body contouring. It helps with cellulite reduction, wrinkle reduction and skin tightening. It also reduces measurements, (for example, around your stomach).

ELEVATE: How has this procedure changed in terms of technique and effectiveness over time? What about the recovery time?

Dr. Saibil: The Venus Freeze company has coined it a “4D technology”: it uses four different technologies in one piece of equipment. A multi-polar radio frequency heats the area with thermal energy to break down the fat cell membrane and stimulate the growth of new collagen. The pulse magnetic fields stimulate the blood flow to the area and improve healing and rejuvenation. The VariPulse device (an adjustable pulse suction) helps deepen the energy penetration. And the real time thermal feedback monitors the body temperature in the area to improve results.

ELEVATE: What are the biggest concerns patients have regarding this procedure?

Dr. Gerstein: In general, patients are concerned about potential pain and downtime. However, neither the Venus Freeze nor the Venus Legacy is painful, and there is no downtime. Some people actually find the
procedure relaxing.

ELEVATE:What advice would you give other patients considering this procedure?

Dr. Gerstein: Focus on your lifestyle and healthy living, then treat the desired areas. These procedures are for more stubborn areas, not for extreme weight loss goals. Realistic expectations are important, but patient satisfaction is high.