A patient shares her experience on how plastic surgery changed her life



Name: Wanda

Procedure: Rhinoplasty & sliding genioplasty

Performed by: Dr. Jeffrey Fialkov


ELEVATE: What procedure did you have done?

Wanda: A rhinoplasty and a sliding genioplasty.

ELEVATE: Why did you opt for this procedure and why did you choose Dr. Fialkov?

Wanda: As part of my graduating class, a side profile was done for all of the graduates. I was mortified when I saw it. Some 30 years later, I decided that I wasn’t going to keep hiding behind my glasses. I went online and was impressed with Dr. Fialkov’s accomplishments and his world-wide experience.

ELEVATE: What were your concerns about having this procedure done and how did you overcome them?

Wanda: My concerns were just the norm: Would it hurt? How long would I be out of commission? How would I look at the end? Dr. Fialkov was the one who eased my concerns.

ELEVATE: How has having this procedure done changed the way you see yourself and feel about yourself?

Wanda: I could not believe the difference it made in my appearance. All of the previous years, where I hid behind my glasses, were gone, and I had a lift in my self-esteem.  

ELEVATE:  Would you recommend this procedure and Dr. Fialkov to others?

Wanda: I definitely would recommend these procedures to anyone who needed that extra courage. I did have some issues with the genioplasty, but I called the office and, within a couple of hours, I was in emergency at Sunnybrook on Boxing Day and Dr. Fialkov was there to meet me to assess the situation. I definitely would recommend Dr. Fialkov to anyone looking for a caring, knowledgeable and experienced person whose number one concern is you.

Ask the Doctor

Dr. Jeffrey Fialkov, MD, MSc, FRCSC

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, plasty.ca

ELEVATE:  What procedure did you perform on your patient?

Dr. Fialkov: A sliding genioplasty and a rhinoplasty.

ELEVATE:  What does this procedure entail?

Dr. Fialkov: A sliding genioplasty is performed through an incision in the lower gum line. The chin bone is cut, slid forward a number of millimetres, held in place with tiny titanium screws and a small titanium plate until the bone heals to itself in the new position and shape. In this patient’s case, the rhinoplasty was secondary.

ELEVATE: Why was your patient Wanda a good candidate?

Dr. Fialkov: The patient was a good candidate because her chin retrusion not only gave her facial disproportion but made her look older than her true age.

ELEVATE: What are some of the advantages to a sliding genioplasty in terms of technique and effectiveness?

Dr. Fialkov: A sliding genioplasty is more versatile because it can change the height of the chin and has a much more dramatic effect on the soft tissues of the jawline and neck: tightening the jawline, reducing jowls and creating a more youthful appearance.

ELEVATE: What is the biggest concern that patients have with this procedure?

Dr. Fialkov: Patients are concerned because bone is being cut. Also, patients are concerned about “looking done.” Because there is no additional material being added to the chin and since it is their own chin bone that is changing position, the results look very natural.

ELEVATE: What advice would you give other patients considering this procedure?

Dr. Fialkov: Proper assessment by a plastic surgeon specifically trained in facial surgery is key in determining whether the patient is a good candidate for the procedure.