How a breast augmentation made Amanda feel more comfortable in her own skin.

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Name: Amanda

Procedure: Breast augmentation

Performed by: Dr. Robert Sleightholm

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Elevate: When did you first decide to get a breast augmentation?

Amanda: I had thought about it many times since the age of 16 but never thought I would go through with it. I was never really self-conscious about my breasts but more frustrated. A lifetime of not fitting into clothing or bras seems unnecessary if you can correct it.

Elevate: Was there a pivotal moment that solidified your decision?

Amanda: When I went off birth control, the little bit of breast that I did have completely vanished. I couldn’t even fit into a AA cup. I am fairly into fitness, and my breasts started looking more like pecs than womanly breasts, which really bothered me.

Elevate: Did you have any reservations before visiting the doctor’s office?

Amanda: Of course, when you’re going into surgery, you have those moments where you question your decision. Is vanity worth the risk? Will I be happy with the outcome? Will I miss my old body? Will they feel like they are a part of me, or will I feel like I have foreign objects stuck to my chest? I wasn’t so much worried about the risks of surgery but more-so about how I would feel in my own skin afterwards.

Elevate: Why did you choose Dr. Sleightholm as your doctor?

Amanda: I chose Dr. Sleightholm because he seemed very down to earth and personable, which made all of the difference. When you meet with a surgeon, you want to know you are in capable hands and dealing with a doctor that has your best interests in mind. He answered all of my questions with patience and ease. He took into consideration all of my concerns, desired outcome and lifestyle by asking questions to ensure that we were on the same page and that I knew exactly what to expect pre and post-surgery

Elevate: How do you feel about your results?

Amanda: I love my results. It’s funny, though. You definitely go through many different stages along the healing path. I had a great healing experience. I had very little pain and no complications. My surgery was six months ago and it feels like they have always been a part of me. At first, when they are healing (and a bit odd-looking), you aren’t sure if they’ll ever settle and look natural, but all my worries vanished as they settled.

Elevate: How did you feel about your new look after the surgery?

Amanda: I love my new look. I wore very padded bras prior to surgery, so with clothing on, no one can tell anything has been done. I don’t have to wear two-inch padded bras anymore (which were incredibly uncomfortable ), and I can fit into all of my dresses and shirts that I wore pre-surgery. Getting breast augmentation surgery was one of the best decisions I ever made. It’s hard to explain, but I feel complete now. I feel like my breasts match the rest of my body, and I feel like a woman, opposed to a 12-year-old girl in a training bra.

Elevate:  What advice do you have for women in similar situations that are thinking about receiving breast augmentation surgery?

Amanda: Choosing to do surgery is a huge decision. We think about it, we weigh the benefits and risks, we think about whether it’s the right time, or if having larger breasts is even that important. I am sure many readers are thinking that they should use the money it would cost for surgery for something more practical. Perhaps they are thinking the money should pay off a credit card or be put into savings. The fact of the matter is that there will never be a good time. There will always be bills to pay. If it’s something you think about often, then it may be time to take the leap. Feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin is so important and once I made the decision to go through with it, I was so excited leading up to surgery and so happy afterwards.


Dr. Robert Sleightholm, Hons. BSc, MD, FRCSC, Brampton Cosmetic Surery & Medical Spa

Elevate: What type of breast augmentation did you perform on Amanda?

Dr. Sleightholm: The implant selected was a round, smooth-shelled gel implant. The implant was inserted through an inframammary incision.

Elevate: Why was Amanda a good candidate for breast augmentation?

Dr. Sleightholm: Amanda was in good health. She knew the size she wanted. The size she selected would result in a natural, proportionate breast. She was educated on the topic with a good understanding of potential risks.

Elevate: What does the procedure encompass?

Dr. Sleightholm: Amanda is five foot five, 118 pounds and a 32 AA. She requested to be a C cup. A smooth, round implant was recommended. I prefer round implants so that if the implant rotates there will be no change in shape. A smooth implant is softer and mobile, producing a more natur- al appearance and feel. The patient requested an inframam- mary incision, which can heal well with no scar on the breast. The implant was partially placed under the pectoralis major muscle. This produces a more natural breast contour and conceals the implant better. The lower portion of the implant is below the breast tissue to produce an inframam- mary fold and prevent the implant from being too high. Post procedure strenuous chest exercise should be avoided for six weeks. The incision heals in seven days, and the scar, breast shape and softness improve over the following weeks.

Elevate: What were Amanda’s biggest concerns?

Dr. Sleightholm: Amanda is very slim. She was concerned about being too large, not proportionate and appearing fake. She knew that implants under the muscle can be more painful than under the breast tissue and had concerns about pain control.

Elevate: Was Amanda happy with her results?

Dr. Sleightholm: The recovery was easier than she anticipated.  She wears a C bra and is very pleased with the size, shape and feel of the breast.

Elevate: What are the misconceptions about women and breast augmentation surgery?

Dr. Sleightholm:  One misconception is that implants look fake. Most women prefer a natural, proportionate breast.  This can be achieved with implants, but the greater the implant size, the more artificial the result. Some women think larger implants lift droopy breasts, but placing a larger implant will not lift the breast; only produce a larger breast of similar shape and nipple location. The final breast size is related to the amount of breast tissue and implant volume.  Different sized breasts will have different sized implants to achieve the same final size.  Many women also believe that an augmentation will move their breasts closer together, but in many cases widely separated breasts are anatomical.  The pocket can only be dissected to the edge of the sternum (breast bone).  Dissection beyond this point can cause symmastia (uni-boob). It is believed that saline implants are safer than gel implants, or that implants must be changed every 10 years, but this is not true.

Elevate: What advice do you want to give women unsure about the procedure?

Dr. Sleightholm: Discuss your concerns with an experienced breast surgeon.  Don’t over research on the internet [as not all web research is reliable] and avoid sites that don’t reference or confirm what is said is in fact true.