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Name: Undisclosed

Procedure: Traditional neck lift and laser-assisted liposuction

Performed by: Dr. Sean Rice

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Elevate: What made you decide to visit a plastic surgeon?

Patient: I wanted to see if they could do anything about the flap under my chin. My father has the same chin and I could see his getting worse and worse and I thought, “That’s going to be me, I know it.”

Elevate: Did you feel any stigma around receiving plastic surgery as a man?

Patient: No, but I still feel like I have to keep it a secret. If people find out that you’ve had a procedure done, they’re going to think you’ve cheated and that anyone could do that. Knowing what I know as a physician, there are parts of your body you can’t change with any type of exercise and diet. It’s probably more common for women to tell each other, but I preferred to keep it secret and I felt I had to hide from the world during my recovery. There’s a stigma behind it, like performance-enhancing drugs, that it’s a form of cheating.

Elevate: Why did you pick Dr. Rice?

Patient: I knew him through my work with the hospital and he had this unique procedure that other surgeons weren’t using, so I thought I would try him and it worked well.

Elevate: How do you feel about your results?

Patient: I’m very happy with them.

Elevate: What message do you want to send men that may be feeling apprehensive about plastic surgery because of their gender?

Patient: Men are having plastic surgery and a lot of it. It’s more of an underworld, and men are just embarrassed to talk about It. Don’t worry about what other people think about you; it’s what you think about yourself that matters. If there’s a procedure that you feel is going to help your overall ability to get through life, then do it. Ensure that your expectations are not out of whack with what can be offered. You have to pick the procedure based on your needs because it makes no difference to your overall health. You are the same unhealthy person that you started off as. It does, however, help your self esteem and how you generally feel, but nothing ever replaces good diet and exercise.


Dr. Sean Rice, MSc, MD, FRCSC, Rice Cosmetic Surgery,

Elevate: What concerns did your patient have during his consultation with you?

Dr. Rice: He was concerned with his neck. He wanted something that was non-invasive with minimal downtime yet good results. He did not want the scars associated with a neck lift.

Elevate: What does the procedure involve?

Dr. Rice: Performed under local anaesthetic in about 45 minutes,  a small incision is made under the chin and each earlobe. Local anaesthetic (tumescent solution) is then infiltrated into the neck. The laser is used to melt the fat and tighten the skin. As the laser melts the fat, it also tightens small blood vessels, so there is less bruising compared to traditional liposuction. Also, traditional liposuction has no skin-tightening effect.

Elevate: Why was this patient an ideal candidate for the procedure?

Dr. Rice: An ideal candidate is someone with good skin quality, who does not need the platysma muscle tightened and is realistic with their expectations.

Elevate: How popular is this procedure among male patients?

Dr. Rice: This is one of the most popular procedures we perform on men.

Elevate: Do you feel there’s a stigma around plastic surgery for men?

Dr. Rice: The stigma surrounding men and plastic surgery is slowly subsiding. I believe a great reason is the new, less invasive procedures, such as the one performed here. The results are excellent. There is no scar associated with a traditional neck lift that can be hard for men to hide based on their hairline. With no scars, your friends don’t have a clue you had a procedure performed.