What happens after one man hasn't visited a dentist in a few years.

Name: John

Procedure: Full-mouth reconstruction including multiple crowns and one implant.

Performed by: Dr. Vasant Ramlaggan

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ELEVATE: What made you decide to seek out dental treatment?

JOHN: I had left Canada for a number of years and while I was gone I hadn’t bothered to see a dentist. When I came back I knew it was time to rectify that. I also had a tooth that had been pulled years earlier and decided that I wanted to make sure my mouth was as healthy as possible, so I wanted to speak with a professional about whether having an implant done was a wise decision for my long-term health.

ELEVATE: How did you choose Dr. Ramlaggan as your dentist?

JOHN: I wasn’t actively looking for a dentist at that exact point, but Dr. Ramlaggan’s office was near my house at the time, so while I was out walking one day I saw the building and decided to go in. After explaining why I was there and what I was looking for, it became very clear that both he and his staff are very competent, passionate about what they do, and that they’re dedicated to making their clients happy. I knew I didn’t need to look anywhere else.

ELEVATE: What was the experience like?

JOHN: I grew up in Ireland and had a few horrible experiences with dentists from an early age. I’ve been leery about them since, but Dr. Ramlaggan went out of his way to focus not only results, but on my comfort level and also pain minimization as much as possible. I can’t say the process wasn’t completely pain-free, but it was very manageable and well worth it in the end.

ELEVATE: How do you feel about your results?

JOHN: I’m so relieved about everything. Yes, that it’s done, but also because I was treated by someone who I know is one of the best in the field. My initial concern going into this whole process wasn’t about the cosmetic result, but about the health of my teeth and preserving them for the long run. I feel like that goal has been achieved, and I’ve also got a pretty nice smile as a bonus.


Dr. Vasant Ramlaggan, DDS, HB.Sc., Midtown Dental, midtowndental.ca

ELEVATE: What initial concerns did John have about his teeth?

DR. RAMLAGGAN: At first, all John wanted was to straighten his teeth. We discussed his old large fillings, misaligned teeth and how it affected his gum condition and overall damage. After a full consultation that included an evaluation of John’s sleep (this determined whether or not he needed any special appliances) and jaw, John decided to go ahead with a full-mouth reconstruction after his Invisalign.

ELEVATE: What was involved with this process?

DR. RAMLAGGAN: After about a year and a half of Invisalign, we held him in retainers for some time until he was ready to proceed with the full-mouth procedure. John had a root fracture to his upper left front tooth, which was not salvageable due to the fracture and had to be removed. While in retention, I placed an implant for him and restored it with the final crown during the reconstruction. As we waited for the implant to fully integrate, John had a false tooth set into his clear upper retainer. We then built up John’s new smile in a mock up to temporize his upper and lower teeth after we prepared them. The temporaries were glued on with permanent glue so he could wear them in his new smile shape/level for a few months to adapt until the permanent ones were created. All of the crowns and veneers were done in my office from start to finish.

ELEVATE: Who is the ideal candidate for this procedure?

DR. RAMLAGGAN: An ideal candidate for these procedures is someone in reasonable health who is prepared to spend some time getting their work done as per our timeframe, and who can commit to more frequent hygiene (cleaning) visits during and after all the work is completed. This is important for the longevity of the work.