Why men are looking to get a tune-up in the rear and how it works.

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When it comes to plastic surgery candidates, most people think it’s a women centered industry. But with the change in body ideals for men, more and more plastic surgeons are operating on men. We spoke with Dr. Peter Bray MD, MSC, FRCS(C), Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon based in Toronto at Elements Wellness and Medispa at 195 Avenue Road, who has specialized in male plastic surgery ever since he began practicing twelve years ago.

According to Dr. Bray the reason for the rise in plastic surgery among men is due to a number of factors. First beginning with competition in the workplace, “there are more older men vying for work in the same place in divisions as men that are younger. So they want to look how they feel, they need to look vibrant and refreshed.” Plus there is also a better awareness among men that there are good options available: “It’s easier for men to get information on the internet as men do not chat with each other about this sort of thing the same way as women do, so they can now become informed and educated in an anonymous way,” he explains. Finally an improvement in procedures, minimally invasive options and decreased downtime means men can get back to work and into the gym more quickly than before, making it more viable for them.

The most common procedures that men get done include male body contouring in areas such as the chest, abdomen and the love handles; upper lid blepharoplasty and of course the male butt lift, the newest trend among his clients: approximately one in ten male clients come in for the butt lift. Most of the time the butt lift is “combined with other procedures and body contouring of other areas.” Also he reassures men that “it doesn’t need to be about making a big bumb, rather it’s more about shaping and proportion, men don’t want a big behind, but they are good with something shapely. I spend a lot of time   reassuring men they will not have a feminine shaped behind post procedure, says Dr. Bray.

How it works: The process is the same as it is for women. Following the liposuction in one or more areas we transfer the fat to the buttocks. The difference comes down to the design and planning. Men have a different shape and body proportions. Men like less curves, more angular frames and the proportions in hip and buttocks region is different. They don’t want their rear to look like a woman’s, in contrast women like more curves. So the procedure requires knowledge of the male physique and the ability to put it into action

Ideal candidate: Someone who is healthy and at a good stable and sustainable weight, not obese or overweight, but they do need spare fat   to work with. A lean person with minimal fat is more a candidate for butt implants than a lift.

Are results permanent? Yes, once the fat is integrated in three months later it’s yours to keep. If you lose a lot of weight or if you have major weight fluctuations that can impact results in the long term.

Downtime: Patients will have a couple of weeks of a sore backside. I would expect my patients to be on their feet right away. They can do light activity, but one cannot sit for long period of time for the first couple of weeks. Plus, its best to avoid long plane and car rides. It’s more activity or lifestyle modification than real downtime.

Side Effects: Butt lift surgery has all of the possible side effects of typical surgery such as infection, bruising and swelling, although these things are rare.

COST: Roughly $10,000, a little more or less depending on the number of areas being treated with liposuction since some men may want a number of areas tended to at the same time.