12 11 male breast reduction canada plastic surgeryIf your has man boobs or “moobs” here's all the basic info he needs to make a change.

In 2011, male breast reduction surgeries (or gynecomastia treatment) ranked in the top five cosmetic procedures for men, according to the American Society of Asthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS). Dr. Barr says it’s the third most requested procedure for men at his clinic. Excessive breast tissue or pockets of fat can be the result of genetics, medications, old age or anabolic steroid use in men.

HOW IT WORKS: Dr. Barr makes a small incision at the lower border of the areola. He then removes the breast tissue using ultrasonic liposuction and surgical excision. “This is done through a combination of ultrasonic or smart liposuction and removal of breast tissue though an invisible incision at the lower border of the areola. For men that previously would not feel comfortable removing their shirts at the gym or beach, they feel comfortable doing this about two weeks after the procedure,” says Dr. Barr.

DOWNTIME: Back to work in three to four days. After three weeks patients can hit the gym for light activity.

COST: $3,540 to $5,200 depending on the degree of involvement and the specific treatment that is required.