Not sure where to start your cosmetic enhancement search? A consultant may be the answer.

If you're considering plastic surgery but not sure which doctor to go to, or are afraid of the decisions you'll have to make, you don't have to go through it alone. A huge trend in the US is hiring a plastic surgery consultant, who advises their patients on every aspect of a procedure, from how they want to look to what kind of anesthesia they should get.

"Cosmetic surgery, because it is elective, can be an emotional roller coaster. With your own personal consultant, patients do not have to ride the roller coaster alone," says Angela Segal, an Independent Patient Consultant in California ( . "I go through the whole thing with you," says Denise Thomas, a Plastic Surgery Consultant for over 30 years in New York ( , who also checks up with her patients post-operation to make sure they're happy with the results.

Segal also says that consultants can be a bit more attentive in terms of answering non-medical questions, such as 'What do I tell my friends?' or 'Where should I look for bras after surgery?'

Plastic surgery consultants also have an in when it come to knowing the best doctors. "I know who's really good at what. Maybe Dr. Smith is good at noses but not at eyes," says Thomas, who will only recommend surgeons certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. She also offers new patients a chance to meet with old clients so that they can see results for themselves.

Prices for consultation range depending on the complication level of the surgery but typical prices are between $125-300 per procedure, which is not a bad price for a little peace of mind.

"We are to plastic surgery what a personal trainer is to exercise. You could do it alone, but the results and the experience are much better when shared with a professional," says Segal.

Instead of choosing to outsource this job, you may decide to choose a clinic that offers longer consultations. For example, Dr. Ali Adibfar, MD, DDS, FRCSC from Elements Wellness + Medispa in Toronto offers consultations, for $200, on a wide range of cosmetic enhancement procedures. And if you decide to engage in a procedure with him after the consultation, he will deduct the cost from the surgery.

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