Facial rejuvenation that lasts!

Facial fillers have come a long way over the past decade, and Bellafill demonstrates such anti-aging advancements.

“Bellafill is unique because it’s a permanent soft tissue and dermal filler,” says Dr. Vance Elliott, MD, CCFP, FCSP, FISHRS of Advanced Hair & Skin in Sherwood Park in Edmonton, (drvanceelliott.com). Unlike other fillers, Bellafill “stays in the area permanently once it is injected, making it a filler that is in a class of its own,” says Dr. Eliott.


Bellafill’s permanency is due to the polym- ethyl methacrylate (PMMA), tiny little beads or spheres that are found in the filler with a collagen gel. “The collagen gel found in Bellafill fades in a few months,” Dr. Elliott says, “but the miscrospheres stimulate collagen production, do not dissolve and act as an ongoing stimulus of the patient’s collagen.”


“There are many uses for Bellafill,” says Dr. Elliott, who uses it for many off-label uses in his practice. “I use it in the face, hands, neck, chest or anywhere that standard fillers can be used with the exception of the lips,” explaining that it’s his personal choice not to use Bellafill in that area.

“Acne scars are also easily improved with this filler. It makes no sense to use a temporary filler in a scar that is permanent.”


“Anyone who is an appropriate candidate for fillers would benefit from Bellafill, but the patient has to be comfortable with a perma- nent product because it cannot be dissolved or reversed,” says Dr. Elliott.

COST: “Although Bellafill costs more than other fillers, in the long run, it’s the most cost-effective because it is permanent. You’re are buying, not renting,” says Dr. Elliott.