In part one of our three-part spring makeover series, Cristina gives her smile a little extra shine.

Elevate Makeover Spring 2017 feature

Non-invasive cosmetic procedures provide quick but life-changing results, cost less, take less time to complete and allow for an easy recovery without a vast interruption of one’s daily life. For many women, these cosmetic pick-me-ups are a no-brainer. Although it’s easy to put together a laundry list of cosmetic procedures to get done, often a single procedure that will have the most impact gives the best results.

We recently treated three beautiful women—each of different ages, backgrounds and in different stages in life—to one mega-impact non-invasive cosmetic procedure that addressed her most pressing physical concerns.

The results were fabulous! By selecting the right treatment for each woman based on her primary concerns and influencing lifestyle factors, each individual walked out of her treatment looking better and, more importantly, feeling more confident, refreshed and ready to take on the world all over again!

This is Cristina's story...

Elevate Spring 2017 Makeover Series - teeth whitening

The Million-Dollar Smile Makeover (That Doesn't Cost a Million Dollars)

Cristina Fusca, 32, an early-childhood educator teaching full-day kindergarten in the school board, makes taking care of herself—both inside and out—a personal priority despite being busy. Her career keeps her smiling all day, but she loves red wine and peppermint tea, so she admitted that her teeth needed a whitening pick-me-up.

“I work with children, and I’m always smiling and laughing. My teeth are always showing, so teeth whitening was something I was really interested in. I was always afraid to wear darker shades of lipstick because they made my teeth stand out more. Now I feel more comfortable!"

Elevate Spring 2017 Makeover Series - Teeth Whitening The Procedure: A professional at-home and in-office, higher-end whitening treatment (cost: $795) by Dr. Vasant Ramlaggan, DDS, HBSc, a dentist at Midtown Dental Cristina completed Midtown Dental’s higher-end, professional at-home and in-office whitening.

“Whitening works by opening up the dental tubules [similar to a sponge] that hold onto our regular day-to-day stains,” explains Dr. Ramlaggan. “Wine and coffee stains are easily lifted and removed. A professional whitening system will bring out the natural whiteness of your enamel and give you a whiter smile.”

As a woman with healthy gums, low sensitivity and no seen fillings or crowns on her front teeth, Cristina was an ideal candidate for this whitening system, which involved a combination of professional take-home and in-office whitening, including custom-fitted trays in a special sequence. The in-office portion lasted 1.5 hours, and Cristina was given a recommended list of foods and drinks with minimal colour and dyes for the first 48 hours following treatment, which is when teeth can absorb stains until they become rehydrated.

Cristina experienced the typical post-treatment sensitivity that Dr. Ramlaggan calls “zings” for the first one or two days, but this was easily resolved with an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory and the use of a sensitivity toothpaste twice a day when brushing. This toothpaste can also be applied to the at-home whitening trays and worn on the teeth for 30 minutes for relief.

Professional whitening treatments can last up to two years when well maintained by the patient.

Stay tuned for parts two and three of our spring Find the One makeover series!

Photos: Hair: Monique from Stylu; Makeup: Katherine Torrez from Stylu; Photography: Alvaro Goveia; Wardrobe Styling: Amanpreet Dhami; Clothing: Code Vitesse; Jewellery: Liel and Lentz