See the second half of our comprehensive guide to navigating the latest innovations in body contouring treatments and prices. 

Body Contouring Guide 

Body contouring is among the most requested procedures at Canadian cosmetic surgery clinics. While with many procedures it may take a few months for full results to be seen, making the colder months the better time for body contouring treatments, you should begin meeting with a professional and creating your body treatment plan well before then. In fact, now is the perfect time to reserach your options.

To arm you with information on the latest procedures before you visit a clinic, we talked to industry experts and rounded up details about the most coveted body contouring procedures right now. In "Our Best Body Contouring Guide: Part One" we covered radio frequency, cryolipolysis and light-based body contouring treatments. Today, we're covering the rest.

Ultrasound-Based Body Contouring Treatments

Fotona Tightsculpting

How It Works: The treatment simultaneously reduces fat and tightens skin using two different lasers, says Dr. Ashraf Badawi, MD, PhD, a laser consultant based in Oakville, Ont. The Nd:YAG laser targets fat, and the Er:YAG tightens the skin.

Treatment Protocol: The two-step treatment takes about 11 to 15 minutes per area, with eight minutes to target the fat and three to five minutes to tighten the skin, says Dr. Badawi. He recommends four treatments, each spaced one month apart.

The Results: Most patients notice immediate tightening, followed by a gradual contour as fat breaks down, says Dr. Badawi. Full results can be seen in about three months.

Cost: The price varies according to area, but Dr. Badawi says a full midsection would be about $2,500.


How It Works: The ultrasound-based treatment begins with adding fluid to tissue that’s sucked up with a liposuction machine, says Dr. Julie Khanna, a plastic surgeon based in Oakville, Ont. She says it feels very much like liposuction, with localized freezing prior to the treatment so there isn’t any discomfort.

Treatment Protocol: The treatment only takes one visit, says Dr. Khanna, with the time it takes depending on the area of the body being treated. Under the chin would be about 20 minutes, while the whole abdomen would take about 2.5 hours.

The Results: Results take a few months to appear in full, says Dr. Khanna.

Cost: VASER Lipo ranges between $4,000 and $7,000 for a single treatment area.


How It Works: The procedure uses a tiny probe that gently heats specific tissue to tighten skin and melt fat, says Dr. Renier van Aardt, MD, a Halifax-based cosmetic medicine practice owner.

Treatment Protocol: Treatments are painless because they’re done with the use of local anaesthetic, says Dr. van Aardt. ThermiTight typically requires just one treatment.

The Results: Full results take about six months to a year to show and last between three and five years, says Dr. van Aardt.

Cost: Typically ranges between $2,000 and $4,000.

Vacuum Mechanical Massage Body Contouring Treatments


How It Works: The treatment is based on vacuum mechanical and lymphatic drainage massages, says Marina Vashkevich, a Toronto-based skin-care therapist.

Treatment Protocol: Each session lasts 45 minutes, with clinical trials done after clients receive 15 treatments. Vashkevich says that users look to Starvac for different results, including cellulite removal and detoxing.

The Results: Those looking to lose inches typically require 10 to 13 treatments before seeing results.

Cost: The cost is a maximum of $150 per treatment.

How to Maintain Your Body Shaping Results Post-Treatment

A healthy lifestyle is the key to maintaining and enhancing the results obtained through body contouring procedures. Michelle Dukowski, a partner and fitness manager at Red Leaf Fitness in Toronto, tells us how with these three tips.

  1. The key to seeing results is doing movements that cause the body to continue burning fat even during rest, like high-intensity interval training.
  2. In addition to exercising, Dukowski says that eating and sleeping well 80 per cent of the time will help people achieve and maintain results.
  3. “Don’t worry about being perfect 100 per cent of the time,” she says.