The newest procedure to deliver a firmer, rounder, bottom is here - and it doesn't involve implants.

Could your backside use a lift?

Known as a Brazilian Butt Lift, this sculpting surgery reshapes flat, square or A-shaped bottoms into rounder versions by using excess fat from a patient's own body. But unlike buttock augmentation procedures, which use implants, this technique creates a natural-looking result that appears, feels and behaves like a real bottom, all while narrowing and reshaping a patient's waist in the process.

"It's the ideal two-in-one procedure," says plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Martin Jugenburg, M.D., F.R.C.S.C., of Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute. "Because fat is liposuctioned from areas like the abdomen and love handles before being processed and injected into the butt, it means the waist is more defined, the behind is reshaped and everything is done without the addition of foreign materials."

The hitch? You need to have adequate levels of fat for the procedure to take. "Patients need to have areas where excess fat has created a bulge, because these are the areas where fat can be removed and not leave a depression behind," says Dr. Jugenburg. He or she will also need to be in good physical and mental health to undergo surgery, be prepared to not sit for two weeks to allow for optimal healing, and understand that the procedure won't deliver Beyonce- or Kardashian-type results.

"The Brazilian Butt Lift is not a butt lift or augmentation — it's a waist and butt sculpting procedure. If someone is looking for a much larger behind (and unless they have a lot of excess fat), this is not the procedure for them," he says.