See the mommy makeovers from our May issue and have a chance to win a Spa package (valued at $300)!

Mommy #1: Amanda Watson
Age: 34
Mother of two children, ages 3 and 5
Stay-at-home mom

makeover 1

The Treatment:

We set Amanda up with Dr. Marnie Fisher, MD, FRCPC, DABD, a dermatologist and co-founder of Kingsway Dermatology in Toronto. "Amanda 's main concern was the hollow area under the eyes," says Dr. Fisher. "She wanted to look less tired and more refreshed. With two young children she needed a procedure that didn't need a lot of maintenance or money. And she did not want to look like a puffed up version of herself at a young age."

Dr. Fisher chose to subtly fill, lift and volumize the areas around Amanda's tear troughs with Juvederm, an injectable facial filler. The filler was also used to plump the fine curves horizontal to the angle of her mouth, as well as midcheek and in the upper nasolabial fold area. Botox was used to slightly lift her outer eyebrows and soften her crow's feet, as well as any early forehead wrinkles. "All these areas combine to open the eyes and give a relaxed rested look," says Dr. Fisher. To address the sun-damage related spots on Amanda's upper cheeks, Dr. Fisher administered an IPL (intense pulsed light) treatment and advised a yearly follow-up.

Total Cost:

The package that Amanda received, including Botox in four areas, Juvederm in three areas and an IPL treatment generally costs $2,400.

The Result:

Overall, the experience was a positive one. "Dr. Fisher was very nice and very gentle. I appreciated that she said it was important to her to make sure the changes were subtle. She didn't want to change my face, and I really liked that." Now, Amanda finds she wears far less makeup and feels like she looks less tired. "I like the fact that I can leave the house without putting under eye makeup on and not feel like a zombie. I'm really grateful for experience. It was really fun and uplifting. And it was such a great group of women to spend the day with. We were laughing and having fun almost all the time."

Mommy #2: Leigh Fenwick
Age: 34
Mother of a one-year-old
Brand marketing executive (on leave)

makeover 2

The Treatment

We sent Leigh for a consultation with Toronto and Mississauga-based plastic surgeon Dr. Michael J. Weinberg, B.Sc., MD, MSc, FRCS (C). To give Leigh the subtle refreshment she desired, he recommended:
-Botox to minimize early forehead lines
-Restylane to fill out her cheeks, marionette lines and lips.
-Restylane in her tear troughs to deal with hollowing and fine lines

"What we did in-clinic was to prevent her lines from becoming more permanent between her eyes," says Dr. Weinberg. "The filler was to refresh her face. It was just a gentle rejuvenation, acting on multiple levels, mostly preventative. We would also recommend microdermabrasion for Leigh in the future and some light peels to continue to improve skin tone and texture."

Total Cost

Approximately $1,500 for combined treatments.

The Result

"I had no idea how painless the treatments were going to be," says Leigh. "Dr Weinberg was very accommodating. He was able to anticipate any discomfort and made me feel very relaxed. I had no bruising or swelling, which I understand does happen. I think I was one of the lucky ones." Ultimately, Leigh is thrilled with her results. "It's not that my face changed, it was more that I felt my natural features were accentuated. My cheekbones were more defined, my dark circles had diminished, my lips looked fuller, and overall I felt more vibrant from the inside. I would absolutely do this again."

Mommy #3: Mary Bergamin
Age: 44
Mother of two children, ages 6 and 12
Montessori daycare EA Assistant

makeover 3

The Treatment

Dr. Vasant Ramlaggan, DDS, at Toronto's Midtown Dental Clinic recommended Lumibrite Whitening for Mary's teeth. The treatment took about an hour. "I just relaxed," says Mary. "I didn't have to think about anything, it was great! I took advantage of it and rested." During the treatment, Marydid feel slight discomfort with swallowing. "But I was never uncomfortable. Someone was with me the entire time, and if I needed anything, I just needed to snap my fingers." Mary's teeth were sensitive for about six hours following the treatment. She had to try to keep her mouth closed as much as possible during this time (even air hitting the teeth would cause pain). "I gave the kids and my husband a pre-warning that I was going to be a bit sensitive and relaxed for six hours while my husband took over." "When whitening, we recommend that patients avoid coloured food and drink items for at least 24 hours afterward," says Dr. Ramlaggan. "Then, they need to clean their teeth properly, and rinse after consuming staining items. For example, if you are in a restaurant and drink tea or coffee, then take a little water after and swish and swallow; this is better than nothing!" Mary was also given a whitening tray (moulded to fit her teeth and included in the price of treatment) with a solution that she can apply for 10 minutes whenever she feels she needs a whitening boost.

The Cost

Approximately $495.

The Result

"I noticed a change right away, and the kids said, 'Mommy, you look so pretty!' It made me look and feel younger and gave me such a good feeling." Whitening can last up to two years, according to Dr. Ramlaggan. "Coming for regular hygiene visits and touching up using the trays once in a while is a great way to make the results last." The final verdict: "I would absolutely do it again," says Mary. "It was wonderful. And I can't say enough about this entire experience. It was a day I'll never forget."

makeover 4

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