Want the perfect smile and skin for your wedding day photo ops?

See our list of suggested treatments and expert makeup tips for your big day!

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Exilis skin tightening treatments for the face can help brides of any age look refreshed. "This treatment is spectacular for under eye puffiness as well as smoothing those fine lines," says Stephanie Bigioni, Clinic Manager and Laser Technician at Clarity Med Spa in Toronto ( She recommends brides do four treatments two weeks apart leading up to their wedding day with the last treatment done the week of the wedding. Cost: $450 for the full face.

If you want to banish serious skin blemishes, such as acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, or uneven skin tone, consider investing in Fraxel skin resurfacing treatments. They require three to seven days downtime and Bigioni recommends getting your first treatment six weeks before the wedding. Cost: $450 per treatment.

A quicker fix closer to the big day is microdermabrasion, a safe and simple way to buff away the appearance of skin imperfections. Bigioni recommends getting one treatment a month leading up the big day. There's no downtime and Bigioni suggests getting one done the week of the wedding so that your makeup goes on flawlessly. Cost: $100 per treatment.


If you're concerned about serious smile problems, now is the time to start looking into them. Implants for missing teeth should be done 9-6 months before the big day (cost: $4,000-6,000) and Invisalign or braces to help fill in gaps should be done at least 1-2 years before your planned nuptials (cost $4,500-7,000) according to Dr. David Cheng, DDS, of Dentistry on King (

If you want pearly whites in all your pictures, Dr. Cheng recommends doing a custom fitted tray whitening method with your dentist, which provides the most control over the whitening process. It usually requires one to two appointments and should be done one to two weeks before the wedding. Cost: $450-$800.

Make up

Jackie Gideon, makeup artist (www. at The Ritz-Carlton Spa in Toronto suggests always keeping makeup classic since styles will change and you don't want to look dated in your photos 20 years from now. Even if colour isn't your thing she recommends not sticking to a completely nude makeup palette because a big white dress can wash you out. Her big day beauty must-haves include blotting papers, lipstick, translucent loose powder and blush.

In terms of facials Gideon recommends only going to an esthetician you trust two weeks before the wedding. She also recommends avoiding new products, partying heavily or salty, spicy, or processed foods for at least a week to ensure your skin will be clear.