A permanent solution to scant eyebrows.

14 02 brow thick hair growth

“By the time women hit their mid-forties and 50s, eyebrows start to thin out, affecting their youthful appearance,” explains Dr. Ryan Welter, MD, PhD founder and head surgeon of NE Transplants, who has been doing eyebrow transplants for five years. With the growing trend of bold brows, faux penciled-in arches are a beauty no-no. Eyebrow transplants fix this grooming dilemma.

How it works?

The procedure takes about a half day (four hours) in-office.“We take hair from near the nape of the neck (the softness mimics the natural eyebrow) and use micro follicatory unit extraction (FUE) to remove hairs with small punches.” In most cases a total of 300 to 400 hairs are taken. Implants are done in a way to create natural looking results: above the nose, hairs stick up, while laterally, in relation to the face, eyebrow hairs are more horizontal.

Who it’s for: Someone who over-plucked her brows. Here “there are natural contours to work with, so we ask the client to bring in old pictures. Yet in some cases there is no hair at all. Then eyebrow templates are used to create a shape that suits the patient’s face.” Although more artistic this second case is more technically difficult. The procedure is also used on burn victims or for those with injuries that resulted in eyebrow separation.

Cost: $2,500 for full restoration of eyebrows.

Results: Eyebrows grow in fully over the next couple of weeks.

Downtime: Patients recover by next day. Very well tolerated at both the extraction site and the eyebrow.

Side-effects: Due to the local anesthesia, there could be bleeding. Infection is also a normal precaution to be aware of, as with most minor surgery.