We uncovered a scary way some people fund cosmetic enhancement.

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If you’ve made the decision to get plastic surgery done, after finding a surgeon, one must determine how they will pay for it.

An unsettling new trend: individuals—mostly women—are signing up for websites that ask for cosmetic enhancement costs to be covered by a benefactor she has never met in real life. Websites like MyFreeImplants.com encourage women to chat and share photos with “donors” who give them money to fund their plastic surgery. The money raised digitally is held in escrow and can only be given to a certified plastic surgeon for the procedure.

Beyond the invasion of privacy, sharing such a personal procedure and intimate images with strangers can be unsettling and potentially dangerous.

There are better, saferoptions for coming up with the cash for surgery.

First, there’s the option of saving up. “Putting a set amount aside in a segregated bank account helps anyone to organize his or her savings. If there is no urgency...it's less costly than paying interest," says Ann Kaplan, President and CEO of Medicard. Take a look at Elevate’s procedure lists to get an idea of the price ranges for a procedure first. It can vary depending on the area being treated and the experience level of the doctor chosen.

If a traditional loan doesn’t interest you, medical consumer finance companies, like Medicard, offer quick and affordable loans for cosmetic procedures. Medicard does ask for collateral, meaning the company doesn't require that you give them any of your property if you are unable to repay your loan. "Medicard considers the ability for a borrower to pay back the amount borrowed, plus interest," says Kaplan. "All payments are monthly - Medicard will debit a monthly amount from the borrower's account on the same day for the term of the loan." The company offers terms as short as six months, and as long as five years. They offer a competitive interest rate, and there are no penalties or fees if you pay the loan off early, unlike most traditional bank loans.

Kaplan also recommends taking a good look at any debt you might already have and your monthly costs to make sure you can afford the payments you will have to make if you go through with your procedure. Finally, Kaplan suggests putting money aside for a down payment. "This gives you time to consider your purchase further, but also lowers your cost."