Cosmetic Enhancement


Lift like Nefertiti

How the iconic jawline of Queen Nefertiti can be yours with a simple cosmetic lift. 

Annual Filler's Guide: 2017 Edition

From Neurotoxins to Fillers to Restylane Skinboosters, we have your complete guide on what to do, where, why and how (much)! 

The "F" Word

Feminism and cosmetic enhancement: Mutually exclusive or a perfect pairing for female empowerment? 


Facial rejuvenation that lasts!

SPONSORED Boost Your Natural Glow with R…

Improve the appearance of skin and let your radiance shine with Restylane Skinboosters.  

Timeless, Not Trendy

When it comes to hair and makeup looks, trends always lead the charge, but is that the case when it...

Before & After

Jason's Facial Rejuvenation Transformati…

See how facial fillers gave Jason a younger, fresher look.

Ward's Body Contouring Makeover

See how Ward's confidence incrased with contouring to his jawline and abdomen.

Kate P.'s Scar Therapy

A patient shares her experience on how scar therapy boosted her self-esteem.   

Summer-Ready Legs

See how one patient got ready for the beach

Sheila's Lovely Legs

Sheila undergoes a leg procedure and boosts her confidence in the process.  

Patricia's Facial Rejuvenation

A little facial rejuvenation can change your life!

Wanda's Profile Cosmetic Enhancement

A patient shares her experience on how plastic surgery changed her life  

Breast Augmentation for an Athletic Body…

Feeling more comfortable in your body with a subtle enhancement.

Enhancing Confidence with a Breast Augme…

A patient finds new confidence with her natural-looking agumentation procedure.

The Effects of Power Assist Liposuction

One patient's decision to under go power assist liposuction to slim down her midsection.

Marla's Liposuction Procedure

Superwet liposuction helps to get rid of fat in hard-to-slim areas.

The Latest Technology in Tattoo Removal

Cutera’s Enlighten arrives in Canadian clinics soon.

Ask The Expert

That Hourglass Waist

We all want to fit into that perfect pair of skinny jeans, but sometimes a bit of extra weight—hello, “muffin...

Liposuction 101: What You Need to Know f…

We’re often asked about liposuction—what it is, is it safe, recovery time and the like—so we got in touch with...

Ask the Expert: Non-Surgical Nose Job

  I want to change the look of my nose. Is a non-surgical nose job right for me?