13 01 crooked off centre teeth oral dental surgery 1Q: My two front teeth are not in the centre of my mouth...

and it's noticeable when I smile. What are my options for fixing this?

A: There are a couple of solutions. What you do will ultimately depend on a thorough examination to determine your specific situation. This may include models of your teeth, photographs and x-rays.

First, you may be able to straighten your teeth so that the centre is moved to a better position. This could involve braces or Invisalign, both viable orthodontic treatments. Timing on this process will vary depending on severity of your case. There are both general dentists and orthodontists, with differing levels of experience, to help you out. (Cost: $3,000 to $10,000 depending on treatment needed and level of practitioner experience.)

If the midline shift is minor, sometimes veneers or crowns will also be useful in making your midline appear more centered (Cost: $800 to $1,400 per tooth). Sometimes the combination of straightening and the ceramic work is a good option depending on the severity of the situation.

Once again, it’s important to get a thorough examination to understand all aspects of your situation before choosing a treatment plan with your dentist.

Dr Vasant Ramlaggan

-Dr. Vasant Ramlaggan, DDS, H.B. Sc, Midtown Dental, Toronto, ON, Tel:416.966.3368, www.midtowndental.ca