liquid facelift

I love the look of a facelift, but I'm scared of surgery.  What should I do?


Q: What is a liquid face lift and when should you consider it over a surgical facelift

A: The "liquid facelift" refers to the use of injectables, rather than surgery, to improve an individual’s appearance.  It is for someone who refuses surgery, or is not a candidate for surgery--either medically, or just does not need surgery yet. The liquid facelift restores natural facial contours, replaces lost facial volume, reduces wrinkles, lines and folds, and improves the overall appearance. The liquids used in combination are injectables: fillers (for example Juvederm, Restylane, Belotero), neuromodulator (Botox Cosmetic, Dysport or Xeomin), and Sculpra (poly-L-lactic acid). These products all complement each other to give a refreshed, natural appearance.

The fillers restore volume and can lift the eyebrow, cheeks, corners of the mouth and jowls. The neuromodulator relaxes muscles that cause creases and lines, and can lift the brow and corners of the mouth. Sculptra stimulates the production of new collagen to thicken skin and minimize creases and folds.

Even if someone decides to have a surgical facelift, they would still require a filler (or fat) to replace volume, a neuromodulator to relax unwanted muscle movement, and Sculptra to thicken the skin.

The side effects are those of the usual injections (bruising, swelling, sensitivity) and the cost depends on the amount of product needed.  The neuromodulator is usually repeated three times per year, and filler or Sculptra is touched up yearly.

Cost: starts at about $2000.

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