This article was sponsored by Dr. Mansour Bendago, MD, FRCSC, from the Toronto Cosmetic Clinic.

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Beauty, while highly sought after, is a complex and relative concept. For this reason, the cosmetic industry will never be stagnant. New methods and technologies are constantly being developed to accommodate different conceptions of beauty. Modifications and enhancements to popular procedures are made for dramatic and appealing results. A prime example is the Brazilian butt lift for countless patients who wish to attain a stunning hourglass figure.

While liposuction alone offers great results, it can’t add curves to a patient’s body. By harvesting fat from areas like the abdomen and flanks, the waist can be narrowed while the fat is transferred to the buttocks and hips. For a desirable result, the surgeon performing the fat transfer must pay great attention to detail. For surgeons like Dr. Mansour Bendago of Toronto Cosmetic Clinic, this is an art with many important stages.

The key to a successful procedure depends on clear communication between the patient and surgeon. Every person perceives beauty differently, so it is of utmost importance to have a surgeon who understands the patient, the body and the principles of surgery. The pre-operative consultation is crucial to the end result. There are patients who will require liposuction in multiple areas to ensure there is a sufficient amount of fat to transfer, while others may need a second surgery to achieve the hip-to-waist ratio they truly desire. By understanding the patient’s needs, Dr. Bendago sets a realistic guideline during the surgery.

The operating room is where the true mastery of his craft is showcased. Special tools called cannulas are used to aspirate fat by inserting them into very small incisions. With movements like a violinist, he sculpts the midsection before moving on to fat transfer. The aspirated fat is separated, leaving behind pure fat to be injected into the buttocks. This approach can also be used to add volume to the breast, labia, face, feet and hands.

With the Brazilian butt lift, the injected fat creates a rounder, more lifted behind. Initially, the area is overfilled and the buttocks seem excessively large. This is because about 30 to 40 per cent of the fat will not survive. Over the next six weeks, the swelling will subside and the patient will see a new hourglass reflection in the mirror.

While the concept of beauty will always vary, often a change in one’s physical appearance can be enough to boost a person’s confidence. Such a shift can change the way an individual presents themselves, the way she or he speaks and how one interacts with others. These positive consequences are why Dr. Bendago and his staff strive to assist patients with following the Toronto Cosmetic Clinic motto: Experiencing the beauty of change.

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