15 06 16 man smilingDescription: A mild surgical procedure that corrects uneven gum height in a one-visit treatment.

How it’s done: Excess gum in trimmed away with a laser, and in some cases a small amount of bone is removed underneath the gum. It can even be done without a local anesthetic, as it is relatively painless. The treatment takes half an hour to a few hours. If you’re on blood thinners though, consult with your dentist before doing this procedure.

Complications: Swelling and soreness can occur. A much more serious and rare complication is that too much gum is removed and it will not heal properly.

Recovery: Nearly immediate because the laser seals the blood vessels during the treatment, though the gums will continue to heal in minor ways for a few weeks. There is usually some soreness for about a week.

Cost: Starts at $150.

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