13 07 haiwaiian tropic reader reveiews sunscreen See what some lucky readers had to say about these sun protection must-haves.

We gave away samples of Hawaiian Tropic’s Hawaiian Tropic’s Silk Hydration™ Sunscreen Lotions SPF 30 and new After Sun Moisturizer, both of which contain moisturizing ribbons that are perfect for pampering your skin before or after a day spent in the sun.

Here’s what some of our lucky winners said about their prizes!

“I love the new Hawaiian Tropic products! The SPF 30 sunscreen seemed to do its job, as my fair skin didn't burn in the heat of Vegas. The After Sun Moisturizer is fantastic, I liked how silky my skin felt after applying it.”

-Kelly K.

“I am IN LOVE with this sunscreen! It smells amazing and feels very moisturizing, which isn't typical for sunscreen. The after sun lotion smells divine as well, and seemed to rehydrate my skin after a long day in the sun, but it wasn't as soothing as regular aloe vera is on my sunburn. Fantastic products, I have already bought a full-sized sunscreen!”

-Nicole W.

“I've been using the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Sunscreen Lotion and After Sun Moisturizer for the past few weeks and love them! The sunscreen is not oily or greasy at all and goes on so easily. And I love the way it smells! The After Sun Moisturizer is great to keep my skin soft and protected after spending time out in the sun. It makes me feel so relaxed after using it.”

-Kam P.

“I was amazed at how the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun Moisturizer helped soothe and rehydrate my skin, not for a sunburn, but for a recurring, annoying and painful heat rash I get on my neck each summer from exposure to the sun. I love the fact that it multi-tasks! I found the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion not too sticky, and it absorbed into my skin quickly and easily. The smell for both products was not overwhelming, but quite pleasant and very tropical. I could just imagine myself at a luau if I closed my eyes! I love the sample sizes, as they are small enough to toss into and tote around in your purse.”

-Fiona M.

“When I think of Hawaiian Tropic, I think of deep tans rather than sun protection. When I tried the Silk Hydration and Moisturizer that image went right out the window! I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by the coverage provided. I am really fair and burn easily, but I was able to spend extended time in the sun with no problems thanks to Hawaiian Tropic! And the smell is amazing! Overall these products exceeded my expectations and I'm now a fan!”

-Suzi H.

“The Sunscreen Lotion, although it has an SPF of 30, is not thick and hard to apply. I had the same experience with the After Sun Moisturizer. I did not feel the least bit greasy after applying either product. And of course, as with other Hawaiian Tropic products, the scent is amazing – like vacation in a bottle. Overall, I was very pleased with how both these products worked. My skin felt protected with the Sunscreen Lotion and then re-hydrated with the After Sun Moisturizer.”

-Monique S.

“I absolutely love these products! Not only do they smell wonderful, but the high SPF keeps me safer longer. The moisturizing ribbons kept me felling soft and smooth. The after sun moisturizer smells fantastic and provided relief after being outside all day. I can see myself using this regularly all summer!”

-Courtney F.

“With Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion, you're well protected with a sun proof factor of 30. The application feels wonderful, as it's texture is creamy, non-greasy and quick absorbing. The scent is lovely, soothing and so tropical! It’s like aromatherapy and sun protection in one! I also loved the fact it has a 12 hour moisture to keep your skin feeling supple. And being waterproof is a factor I look for when purchasing sunscreen. I would definitely purchase this product again!”

-Toby Erin C.

“After being in the sun, I applied Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun Moisturizer, and it absorbed quickly and easily.  I noticed an immediate cooling sensation on my skin, which was a welcome relief to my sun soaked skin. This product also has ribbons of lotions that helped to moisturize my skin, which is so important after being in the sun.  Overall, I loved this product and would use it daily if just for a body moisturizer and its lovely scent.”

-Amy M.

“First off, the products just smell like summer! I found them both to be really easy to apply, and the consistency of the lotion is like butter! The After Sun Moisturizer is both cooling and soothing, and makes your skin feel amazingly soft.”

-Jane N.

“I love that the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion goes on like a moisturizer!  It’s not sticky or greasy and felt great on my skin. I was also impressed that the coconut scent was quite mild. I did find that the product is just a little bit thick and hard to get out sometimes. The Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun Moisturizer left my skin feeling soft and hydrated and was long-lasting.  I was pleased that the scent was also pleasantly mild.”

-Tricia C.