We asked three top cosmetic dermatologists to tell us their favourite time–tricking luxe products,

After 10 years, we know our stuff when it comes to the anti–aging products and treatments that work best. And we wanted to share this knowledge with you, so we asked three top cosmetic dermatologists to tell us their favourite time–tricking luxe products, share expert skin–care tips and talk about the treatments they recommend most to cultivate and maintain youthful skin.

Name of clinic: Toronto Cosmetic Skin Surgery Centre
Name of doctor: Sheldon V. Pollack, MD, FRCPC

La Roche–Posay Anthelios 60 Sunscreen ($26; at Shoppers Drug Mart and laroche–posay.ca)
Why? It prevents skin from aging.

Environ AVST Advanced Vitamin Skin Therapy Range ($80; at doctor's offices, environ.co.za)
Why? "It provides all the necessary nutrients, vitamins, polypeptides and beta–carotene needed to repair damaged skin and maintain skin health. I use these products personally but won't reveal my age," says Dr. Pollack.

Feel like you've tried every low–cost anti–aging lotion and potion on store shelves but never seem to notice even one (just one) fine line disappear? Think about investing in top–quality spa– or medical–grade anti–aging creams, serums or concealers. Dr. Pollack advises looking for vitamin C, vitamin A derivatives (retinoids) and collagen–building polypeptides. "These products are screened for quality control and excellence in formulation. They also tend to go on more evenly and offer greater availability of the active compounds within them, leading to greater efficacy."

For best results, apply products under your makeup, and don't be too generous—less is more when it comes to high–quality products. "I tell patients to use about one pea–sized amount for their entire face," says Dr. Pollack. "Most people apply too much. And in the case of certain retinoids, for example, this can lead to irritation."

"When appropriate products are used daily, they provide the ingredients for patients to build more healthy, radiant skin. This enhances the outcome of every treatment we do." Dr. Pollack recommends laser and peeling techniques, fillers and Botox to help erase lines, wrinkles and skin irregularities. He also recommends facial rejuvenation using injectable fillers. "These add fullness where volume has been lost and help to smooth lines that make the face look tired and stressed."

Name of clinic: Toronto Dermatology Centre
Name of doctor: Dr. Anatoli Freiman, MD, FRCPC, DABD
Website: torontodermatologycentre.com

SwissTEC CIC2 Cellular Serum ($159; clarionmedical.com)

Why? These products "slow the signs of aging, lighten the look of brown spots and enhance skin renewal, which results in an overall improvement in radiance," Dr. Freiman says.

Revaléskin® products (revaleskin.com)
Why? These lightweight, antioxidant–rich products have a three–step system: a facial cleanser ($44) to cleanse the skin of impurities; a day cream with SPF 15 ($88) to protect skin from UV rays; and a night cream ($121, at doctor's offices, revaleskin.com) to rejuvenate your skin while you're catching zzzs. "These are made from coffee berry extract – an ingredient that has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles," says Dr. Freiman.

Aside from picking antioxidant–rich creams, don't forget about protecting your skin from the sun when you're shopping for skin–care products. Good old SPF is just as important as other ingredients and it's something we need every day, not just in the summer. Look for products with a minimum SPF of 15 and full–spectrum UVA/UVB ingredients that's provided by ingredients such as zinc oxide.

Dr. Freiman notes that sunscreen should be reapplied throughout the day, depending on how long you've been in the sun.

Name of clinic: Dundas Dermatology Otolaryngology
Name of doctor: Karen Edstrom, MD, FRCPC (Derm)
Website: dundasderm.ca

SwissTEC CIC2 Concentrated Mattifying Serum ($79; at doctor's offices, clarionmedical.com)
Why? It corrects photodamage to the skin by lightening, moisturizing and minimizing wrinkles, says Dr. Edstrom.

Alyria Intensive Wrinkle Correction ($100, at doctors' offices; alyria–med.com)
Why? You'll get smoother skin, improved firmness and fewer wrinkles. "Both these products are superstars that I would never want to run out of," says Dr. Edstrom.

Dr. Edstrom says there are a handful of important ingredients and qualities you should look for in quality anti–aging products. Her list includes: retinol (vitamin A; it increases collagen and lightens skin); glycolic acid (to help enhance collagen); ascorbic acid (vitamin C for lightening and brightening); SPF 30+ (to prevent skin cancers and photo–aging); growth factors (proteins to improve wrinkles and texture) and peptides (lauded for improving hydration and boosting collagen production).

Like her colleagues, Dr. Edstrom says applying a nickel–sized amount of product and sunscreen on your face and neck will do. "It's also helpful to wait a few minutes before applying sunscreen over an anti–aging product, or makeup over sunscreen," to give the products time to soak into the skin.

So what's the benefit to shelling out more money for medical–grade creams? Dr. Edstrom says they'll both prep and maintain your skin before and after treatments. "When investing in costly procedures, you want to get the best result possible and quality products help maintain it for the greatest length of time. With some procedures, the products should aid in exfoliation or help improve firmness of the skin. Others will decrease redness or inflammation."

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Alyria Intensive Wrinkle Correction ($100, at doctor's offices; alyria-med.com)

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Environ AVST Advanced Vitamin Skin Therapy Range ($80; at doctor's offices, environ.co.za)

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La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL 50+ Sunscreen ($26; at Shoppers Drug Mart and laroche-posay.ca)

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Products from the Revaléskin® line (revaleskin.com)

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SwissTEC CIC2 Cellular Serum ($159; clarionmedical.com)