Dr. Baummann Cosmetics can change the look of your skin by harnessing the power of nature.

There are many skin care brands that claim to be "all-natural", "organic" and "anti-aging." It can be difficult to determine which brands are authentic in their claims, which is why we've become such big fans of Dr. Baummann Cosmetics. The brainchild of German doctors, Dr. Ernst W. Henrich (a naturopath) and Dr. Thomas Baummann (a cosmetic chemist and dermatologist), Dr. Baumann Cosmetics was created to fill a need that seemed to be missing from the market: skin-care free of chemicals and unnatural substances that are harmful to the skin.

Horrified by the poor results he was seeing in the condition of women's skin in their 20s, Dr. Baummann, along with Dr. Henrich, spent 22 years sourcing ingredients that would perfectly match the skin. Once this was achieved, the philosophy behind Dr. Baummann Cosmetics became clear: anything not a natural part of the skin must be avoided.

To maintain this level of quality, Dr. Baummann Cosmetics follows a strict mandate for all products to meet the requirements under its Bionome standard. "Bionome is actually defined in a German dictionary as heart of life...the science and the laws of life," says Ron Franks, president of Dr. Baummann Cosmetics Canada. "For us, it means a product is free of all mineral oils, oxygen, fragrance, colourants, chemical sunscreens, and free of chemical preservatives such as parabens. It is therefore skin-friendly and animal-friendly."

The secret is... Liposomes

This philosophy is applied to all three of the lines, which include Dr. Baummann (the most popular line), SkinIDent (a more exclusive line) and BeauCaire (a smaller, organic line geared to the younger market). All three lines (which extend to body washes, shampoo and makeup) use different ingredients and natural oils, like coconut, macadamia or jojoba, and they all include a star ingredient: liposomes.

According to Franks, liposomes contain the same composition as human skin cells and act as "transporters", carrying ingredients deep beneath the skin's layers in order to treat it from the lowest level, where new skin is produced. "Liposomes take the good ingredients, like vitamins, down to the lower layers of the skin," Franks explains. "When you treat the skin, you really want to treat it from the lowest level, from the dermis, where it's actually produced so that your skin keeps producing new healthy skin and it moves up through the layers, eventually exfoliating off your skin."


According to Franks, with regular use, all of the products under the Dr. Baummann Cosmetics umbrella are guaranteed to improve the health of your skin within three to five weeks. "After the first week of using Dr. Baummann, my skin was glowing, not over-hydrated, and healthy," says Andra Campitelli, ND, a naturopathic doctor from the JC Campitelli Health Centre in Toronto. "Strangers have stopped me in the street and the grocery store to ask me what I use on my skin. I recommend Dr. Baummann exclusively in my practice, and to my family, because there really just isn't another effective, natural product that can give the same results."

Our Picks

Dr. Bauman cosmetics

1. Cleansing Milk A mild emulsion free of mineral oil, which gently cleanses without drying.

2. Liposome MultiActive E & C Containing high concentrations of vitamins E + C, it protects the skin from environmental stressors.

3. Solarium Liposome The skin is protected and nourished, and nutrients are delivered to the skin by the liposomes.

4. Sensitive cream A nourishing cream for sensitive skin.

5. Aloe Vera Mask This gel based mask has cooling, calming ingredients.