12 10 skin mapping dermalogica how does it work

Could skin mapping be the latest secret to getting great skin?

Skin mapping is a new diagnostic tool that can help maximize the benefits of skin treatments and determine what will be best for each individual’s skin.

Developed from Chinese medicine like acupuncture, where certain zones of the body correspond with different internal organs, skin-mapping is being used to identify possible underlying health problems affecting your skin. The causes of these issues can include everything from hormonal fluctuations, the environment, the weather or certain medications.

According to Heather Vounnou, training manager at Dermalogica’s International Dermal Institute, the process is quick and painless. The skin of the face and neck is divided into 14 zones, and a therapist examines the skin visually and touches areas of the face and neck to identify subtle skin conditions through the nuances of texture, temperature and tension. The findings are then kept on file to help determine future treatments.

But which of these organs does each of these skin zones correlate to? Some general zones are:

Forehead – relates to the bladder and digestive system

Between the eyes – relates to the liver

Outside corners of eyes – relates to the kidneys

Cheeks – relates to the respiratory system

Nose – relates to the heart

Chin – relates to the stomach

Either side of chin – relates to the hormones/ovaries

Neck – relates to the adrenal glands

Ears – relates to the kidneys

If you’re breaking out a lot on your forehead, a face mapping specialist might suggest improving your diet and making sure you’re getting plenty of water. If dark circles are giving you grief, you may be dehydrated. If the area around your chin is breaking out, your hormones might be out of balance.

Vounnou cautions that this system is not intended as a medical diagnostic tool, but merely as a technique for your professional skin therapist to help determine possible underlying causes of your skin woes. The skin mapping technique is available for free with any consultation or treatment at a Dermalogica treatment centre, salon or spa.