Beat the winter blues with seamless and natural airbrush tanning.

The days of awkward booths and unnatural orange shades (remember that episode of Friends?) are over. This winter, get a natural glow that's easy to maintain with the Infinity Sun sunless airbrush tanning system.

Michelle Zivojinovich, airbrush technician at the Fake Beauty salon in Toronto (fakebeauty.ca) is an expert at performing the tanning treatment. It takes about ten minutes, plus about ten minutes of drying time. Zivojinovich uses the popular Infinity Sun system (it's a celebrity favourite) to give her clients a seamless, natural-looking tan, by hand. This individualized service means less streaking and unevenness.

Zivojinovich always suggests her clients exfoliate before an airbrush tanning session. "No need to tan dead skin that's about to fall off. Also, always moisturize after every shower to extend the life of the tan." The tan should last five to seven days and moisturizing is important to ensure an even, rather than a blotchy, fade. Each treatment costs $40 and is a fantastic way to keep those winter blues at bay or prep for a beach vacation.