Intensely hydrating and an all-around anti-ager, this ingredient is the secret behind the beauty of Berber women and is a central ingredient in Zorah Biocosmétiques. 

“Berber women, who have the reputation of being amongst the most beautiful women in the world, have been extracting oil from the argan tree, designated the Tree of Life, for centuries. The oil has been used for its nutritive and beauty properties and women cover their face, body and hair with it.” 
“Composed of unsaturated fatty acids including linoleic acid, argan oil intervenes directly in the regulation of the permeability of the skin, protects against inflammation and infection and provides permanent hydration, nourishment and revitalizing benefits to the skin.” 

“Argan oil contains a tremendous amount of vitamin E, which prevents wrinkles and delays aging. By stimulating oxygenation, argan oil restores the hydrophilic layer and skin cells, thus making the skin more elastic, smooth
and shiny.” 


-MÉLISSA HARVEY, President and Founder of Zorah Biocosmétiques.