RVB SKINLAB shares its Italian heritage, and the key to maintaining youthful skin through the ages. 


As we move through the various stages of life, our skin changes with us. Different concerns arise based on our chronological age, lifestyle and other factors. Thankfully, when it comes to youthful and flawless skin, you don’t have to throw in the towel at the first signs of aging distress. Amalia Ramirez, founder of the Canadian branch of RVB SKINLAB (an Italian skincare and makeup company) shares her skintelligence on how to manage your skin through the decades. 



Although anti-aging ingredients aren’t necessary just yet, skin can look dry, dull and tired because of external elements such as “pollution, stress, environmental factors and a buildup of toxins that results if you aren’t following a proper cleansing and protective routine,” says Ramirez, which is why she recommends developing good skincare habits early on. Be sure to cleanse properly daily and seek out detoxifying skin treatments to cleanse the skin from the effects of external aggressors. 
THE FACIAL: The RVB Skinlab Detox Facial contains an exclusive active ingredient called cell detoxium that stimulates the elimination of toxins on a cellular level, leaving skin vibrant and healthy.

AT HOME: Use RVB Skinlab Micellar Cleansing Milk, 250 mL ($40, various spas) and Detoxifying Essential Concentrate, 30 mL ($72, various spas). Both feature the active cell detoxium for you to maintain flawless skin at home.


Prevention should be your main concern in your 30s. The primary concern is inflammaging (nope, not inflammation, inflammaging) the invisible but chronic micro-inflammatory process that compromises the skin’s barrier function and causes constant formation of free radicals, which in turn lead to accelerated cell aging, says Ramirez. Signs of inflammaging include dryness, wrinkles, dark spots, loss of tone and loss of elasticity, and are all caused by factors such as a frenetic lifestyle, oxidative stress, pollution and an unbalanced diet.

THE FACIAL: The Silver Facial – Revitalizing Anti-Age Treatment combats inflammaging with its anti-inflammaging system, which slows down the first signs of aging and treats dam- age caused by stress and an unhealthy lifestyle.

AT HOME: ICON TIME 24-hour Revitalizing Anti-Age Cream, 50 mL ($117, various spas).
In your 40s, “skin loses tone as collagen and elastin break down in a process called ‘glycation,’ which means the collagen and elastin fibres that make up the skin’s support structure harden and you lose the youthful plumpness the skin once had,” says Ramirez. This is naturally caused by aging, but can be prematurely triggered by excess sugar in our diets. To combat the problem she suggests looking for products containing active ingredients that stimulate the new formation of collagen and elastin.

THE FACIAL: Experience the Gold Facial – Redensifying Anti-Age Treatment. The products used in the treatment have a “filling” action to help correct wrinkles.

ICON TIME 24-hour Redensifying Anti-Age Cream, 50 mL ($125, various spas).





In your 50s, a whole slew of issues occur in the skin. “The ability of skin tissues to regenerate and renew is reduced, the skin becomes thinner and also loses its tone and radiance. A lack of hormones accelerates this process and weakens the lipid barrier that protects the skin,” says Ramirez. All of this is caused by hormonal changes surrounding menopause.

THE FACIAL: The Platinum Facial – Skin Renewal Anti-Age Treatment regenerates tired skin and bolsters its normal functions and renewal. An active age-delay complex stimulates the production of Klotho, also known as the youth protein.

AT HOME: ICON TIME 24-hour Skin Renewal Anti-Age Cream 50 mL ($129, various spas).



Bio-Compatible Skin Nutrients:

All RVB Skinlabproducts feature the 51+3 Hyalu Com- plex, an exclusive formulation that contains “51 active ingredients and three di erent sizes of hyaluronic acid to provide the skin with essential nutrients required for healthy functioning,” says Ramirez. RVB Skinlab products are chockfull of everything your skin needs, with their biomimetic creams, which “look and act like your own skin, so the ingredients are recognized by your skin and are absorbed easily.