La Roche Posay’s Kateline Turgeon tells us the secret to healthier skin.

Ever heard of your microbiome? According to Kateline Turgeon, director of training at La Roche Posay, it’s an integral part of maintaining your skin’s health. Comprised of all of the bil-

lions of microorganisms and bacteria that live in and on your skin, your skin’s microbiome is unique to you. Think of it as your skin’s fingerprint. “Influenced by your diet, skincare routine, environment, and stress levels,” these microorganisms are the first defense of the human body against illness and protect your body from external aggressors. When the microbiome isn’t healthy, inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis occur.

According to Turgeon, cell turnover, another integral part of maintaining your skin’s health via your body’s natural and con-

stant regeneration cycle, only occurs at a healthy rate with a healthy microbiome. Skin condi- tions like eczema and psoriasis directly impact cell turnover.

So how do we protect our skin’s microbiome? Prebiotics.

“Prebiotics are dead bacteria that act as a nutriment for the living bacteria on the skin,”
she says. When prebiotics are applied topically to the skin, they help “rebalance the naturally- occurring components of your individual microbiome and promote the health of nurturing bacteria on the skin.”

Basically, the more balanced the microbiome, the healthi-
er the skin. Turgeon suggests using a gentle cleanser and avoiding products that claim they kill 99.9% of bacteria — since that usually includes the kind you want to keep around.