Olay’s recent research findings empower you to take control of your beauty.

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Recently, Olay conducted a study on skin aging with genetics company 23andMe to help determine the most telling factors associated with “super-agers.”

By working with real women’s skin samples and investigating their gene activity using heat maps, Olay found that “10 per cent of women have a unique gene activity fingerprint,” says Dr. Frauke Neuser, principal scientist for Olay. “This fingerprint makes skin behave like younger skin, and these women look at least 10 years younger than their chronological age.”

Pretty amazing, right!? So what factors lead to this super-aging phenomenon? After an in-depth analysis of responses from 150,000 women, Dr. Neuser determined four lifestyle factors to be the most influential:

1. Sunscreen Use: Women who always wear sunscreen are 78 per cent more likely to be super-agers.

2. Positive Attitude: Women who thought positively about themselves were 30 per cent more likely to be super-agers.

3. Dry Skin: Women who had a high frequency of dry skin either being born with dry skin—or not moisturizing enough were 30 per cent less likely to be super- agers.

4. Sunbathing: Women who practised regular sunbathing were 35 per cent less likely to be super-agers.

Although Dr. Neuser’s team also found two genetic variations that influence one’s super-ager status, these occur in two-thirds of the population and those of us who have them are only 12 per cent more likely to be super-agers.

The takeaway? Your lifestyle has a stronger impact on how you age than genetics. So wear sunscreen, love yourself from the inside out, lather on the moisturizer and stay out of the sun! Your skin will thank you for it.