Work on your winter skin so you can enjoy that summer glow.

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We usually spend the spring months getting ready for swimsuit season by ramping up time in the gym and whatnot, but our summer body plans shouldn’t be limited to south of the neckline. Our complexion needs just as much of a post-winter tune-up as our waistline.

Spring cleaning isn’t just a cute phrase but actually marks the best time of year to undergo facial procedures,” says Dr. Sam Hanna, MD, FAAD, DABD of Dermatology on Bloor in Toronto.“Patients are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. As the temperature begins to rise, we start to think about looking good for the summer months, for travel, parties and patio season.”

The second reason why spring should be about your face, Dr. Hanna continues, has to do with sun exposure: “Since the skin isn’t typically damaged yet, the safety profile of these procedures is optimized. Those with a tan can have some skin darkening or lightening with procedures, so we tend to avoid treating those individuals in the summer.”

For those of us who are used to counting calories and hitting the gym as soon as the snow melts, think of spring as the time for summer prep. Spend more time enjoying all things summer and less time worrying about sagging skin, dark spots and unwanted hair with these essential seasonal protocols.

More Selfies, Less Saggy Skin

Your skin begins to lose its smooth, youthful appearance once collagen and elastin begin to diminish. To fix sagging skin, Dr. Hanna suggests, Thermage ($3,500 to $4,000 for full face and neck), "a device that delivers safe radio-frequency energy a few millimetres below the skin surface to stimulate renewed collagen and elastin formation. Results can be typically seen after a single 60- to 90-minute session, with little to no downtime,” says Dr. Hanna.

“Like Clear + Brilliant, Thermage is a no-downtime procedure,” he says. “A small effect is instantly seen after a single session, but the real magic happens as more and more of these proteins are made over three to six months.”

Enjoy Outdoor Barbecues, Not Uneven Skin Hues

“When topical lightening creams and lotions just aren’t getting the job done, we offer several options to address pigmentation,” says Dr. Hanna. He suggests four to six Clear + Brilliant laser treatments ($1,500 to $2,000) to address uneven pigmentation. “Clear + Brilliant is a gentle laser that does a great job of lightening brown discolouration caused by sun damage,” he says.

Can't find time for an hour-long appointment? Not a problem. You’ll be done in approximately 20 to 30 minutes. “Clear + Brilliant is truly a lunchtime procedure with minimal redness and peeling, if any at all. Patients generally face no interruption to their work or social activities,” says Dr. Hanna.

Flaunt Beach Wear, Nix Unwanted Hair

Laser hair removal has been the treatment of choice for unwanted body hair for more than two decades, but “newer devices offer faster treatments and more effective hair loss in fewer sessions,” says Dr. Hanna. “The Pélo diode hair removal laser [$250 to $1,000 per session for different body areas] is a faster, more effective and more comfortable device, allowing permanent hair reduction in the areas of treatment.”

Sessions are quick and easy, with patients seeing benefits in as little as four short visits. “Because of the physics of how lasers interact with skin, hair and pigment, “patients with lighter skin types tend to take relatively fewer sessions, while darkly pigmented patients often require more sessions to achieve their desired results,” explains Dr. Hanna.

“All in all, a facial spring clean is a win-win for patients,” says Dr. Hanna. “They look glowing and healthy for the summer and minimize the already low risks associated with facial procedures like Clear + Brilliant, Thermage and Pélo diode hair removal.”

Crunching the Numbers

Feeling antsy about how much you have to invest upfront in laser hair removal? Before you decide against it, consider how much you’ve been spending annually on temporary hair removal methods.

Shaving: 365 sessions per year at $1.50 per session = $547.50 per year

Waxing: 12 sessions per year at $25 per sessions = $300 per year

Electrolysis: 20 sessions per year at $45 per session = $900 per year