Amanpreet Dhami speaks with iconic L.A. skin expert Kate Somerville.


“As a child, I struggled with eczema, so I know first-hand what it feels like to be uncomfortable in your own skin,” says Kate Somerville. “Whether it’s the emotional turmoil caused by acne or the anxiety associated with aging, skin can affect your self-esteem and life.”

Fast-forward to today and Somerville now has her own skincare line and clinic on Melrose Place, all developed with 20-plus years of hands-on experience working with esteemed plastic surgeons and dermatologists and treating clients’ skin both before and after surgery. She is also the go-to skincare saviour for many celebrities who frequent her clinic in L.A.

Somerville's #1 Beauty Tip

“Exfoliate! One of the most common mistakes I see my clients making is not exfoliating enough. To get glowing skin, you need to exfoliate regularly (two or three times a week, depending on your skin type). If you’re not exfoliating, your skin will look dull and dry, your wrinkles will look deeper and pores will look larger. As we age, our skin metabolism slows and exfoliation keeps that metabolism going, giving you a healthier glow in the long-term.”



ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment ($29, This bestseller is used in every treatment at Somerville’s clinic and provides both chemical and physical exfoliation to lift and dissolve dead skin cells.