Following up on our tips for taking care of dehydrated skin, we're offering a roundup of the best skin care helpers to help bid your dry skin adieu.

Best Skin Care Products for Dry Skin

Pamper Your Face with Moisture

Revamp your skin regimen to prevent further moisture loss and increase your hydration levels. Abolish dryness with these high-performing facial moisturizers and products.

Moisturize Your Way!

Moisturizers come in different formulas based on your preference. As well, heavier moisturizers protect the skin barrier better in drier months, while gels and lighter products work great. (Want a skin cream truly made just for you? Get the details here!)

Cleanse the Slate!

Hyrdration Uppers

To help rehabilitate dehydrated skin, add these invigorating steps to the regular cleanser, toner, moisturizer and SPF steps.

Treat Yourself

Add any of these hydrating masks to your regimen once or twice a week as a relaxing ritual.

Our #ElevateApproved Body Hydration Arsenal

We tend to forget that the skin south of our necks deserves just as much care as our faces. Keep your skin smooth and soft from head to toe with these essential body-care products.