Take care of dry skin with our simple winter skin care tips from the experts.


Keeping your skin radiant looking and fully hydrated requires more than simply applying moisturizer every day (although that is one of the things you should be doing!). We spoke to two experts, Dr. Katie Rodan MD, a Stanford University-trained dermatologist and founder of Rodan + Fields, and Christina Ramirez, RVB Skinlab master trainer and director of Gina's College of Advanced Aesthetics, who provided us with some simple dos and don’ts of how to prevent dry skin from becoming a constant complexion issue.

 5 Dos for Dry Skin

  1. "Do see an aesthetician for regular facials. Aestheticians are able to use powerful professional products combined with expertise to give your skin a boost,” says Ramirez. “Just as important, she or he can provide you with professional-grade homecare products that go beyond what you can find at the drugstore or beauty counters.”
  2. “Do use a sugar-based and multi-action scrub with small defoliant grains or alpha hydroxyl acids to gently remove dead skin cells, so that your products can penetrate into the skin and work more effectively,” says Dr. Rodan.  
  3. “Do use cleansing milk to cleanse your skin to avoid stripping your skin of the oils and lipids that it needs. A micellar cleansing milk will allow the skin to remove dirt and oil while keeping the important moisture-retaining substances on the skin’s surface,” explains Ramirez.   
  4. “Do use an indoor humidifier in dry climates along with moisturizing your skin daily,” says Dr. Rodan.
  5. “Do apply moisturizer after you shower on damp skin to lock in hydration,” notes Dr. Rodan.

5 Dry Skin Don’ts

  1. “Don’t use a harsh cleanser that will remove the important moisture-retaining substances on your skin’s surface, leaving skin feeling even drier than before,” says Ramirez.
  2. “Don’t ignore your hands and feet. Moisturize your hands (especially after hand washing) and feet to keep them soft and free from cracking or fissuring,” advises Dr. Rodan.
  3. “Don’t think you can hydrate from the outside in. Drinking eight glasses of water a day won't keep skin hydrated. Hydrate your skin from the outside, in,” Ramirez notes. “With that said, maintaining adequate fluid intake is essential for your health.”
  4. “Don’t use products that contain alcohol, preservatives, parabens or other harsh, drying and unnecessary ingredients,” warns Ramirez. Instead look for healthy and effective ingredients your skin needs. 
  5. “Don’t assume that all oils are created equal. Use only dry oils, which are refined enough to penetrate deeply and hydrate from within,” says Ramirez, “otherwise all the oil is doing is acting as an occlusive barrier.”