Snail slime—aka helixin—is the latest skin care trend. Here's how to harness the powers of helixin for a flawless complexion.

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When it comes to skin care, it’s important to understand the purpose each ingredient in the jar serves (especially when often you’ll see ingredients like 24K gold that hold no real benefit for skin health). Helixin, also known as snail slime, on the other hand proves amazing for the skin when it comes to anti-aging and sensitivity. We spoke with Amalia Ramirez of RVB SkinLab, an Italian-based skincare line that delivers excellent results, to learn a little more about how snail slime can help keep our skin looking and feeling its best.

Why Snail Slime?

“Snail slime was first investigated after the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl: Even though other living organisms experienced severe genetic damage, researchers noticed that snails survived the disaster without damage,” says Ramirez. “Snail slime acted as a protective defence against external damage from UV, radiation and the environment—all factors that impact our skin!”

From a cosmetic point of view, Ramirez explains that the benefits of helixin were discovered by researchers who noticed that the hands of snail farmers were more youthful, smooth and even-toned than the rest of their bodies because of handling the snails during harvesting.

What Does Snail Slime Do for the Skin?

“Snail slime has the ability to repair and regenerate damaged tissue while also protecting against further damage,” says Ramirez. Direct skin-care benefits include moisturizing, soothing properties, protection from free radicals, increased collagen production, anti-wrinkle action, evening of skin tone and colour and regeneration.

RVB Skinlab uses helixin as the base of its soothing skincare line making it a perfect match for sensitive skin. “Helixin creates a moisturizing and protective film to regenerate and strengthen its structure and protect from external agents and dehydration,” says Ramirez. “It contributes to counteracting redness and cracking typical of dry skin while also targeting wrinkles, spots, signs of aging and superficial blemishes for a decongested, smoother and softer complexion."

Snail Slime Products to Try

170130 snailslime productsIf you're interested in seeing the benefits of snail slime for your skin, consider trying RVB Skinlab Micellar Cleansing Water ($38.50) RVB Skinlab Anti-Wrinkle Protective Cream ($64, sold in spas, salons and medispas; locate a spa near you by calling 1-888-263-4333).