We’ve rounded up our favourite winter skin-care products that we’ll be using as we welcome cooler temps!

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IDC Men Anti-Wrinkle and Firming G2

161209 editorspicks idcIf the man in your life is anything like mine even though he likes taking care of his skin, sometimes he falls off of his routine because he simply gets too busy and can’t be bothered with multiple steps. This mutli-tasking moisturizer works great for both morning and night and is strong enough to prevent sagging skin yet gentle enough to apply to the delicate eye contour. Powered by the IDS Regen-16 technology, this hydrator ($49.95, beautyboutique.ca) targets the 16 main mechanisms responsible for skin aging. It’s a one-step regimen after cleansing, which I know my hubs can appreciate. –AD

Philosophy Clear Days Ahead Fast-Acting Salicylic Acid Acne Spot Treatment

161209 editorspicks philosophyWhen the weather initially cools down, my skin has a mini-crisis, making me suffer surprise breakouts right before big events and important meetings. But thankfully, this spot treatment ($25, sephora.ca) from Philosophy allows me to keep unwanted zits under control fairly easily without fully drying out my skin or causingirritation. The formula contains glycolic and salicylic acids to target dead skin cells while reducing oil and bacteria with the help of anti-microbial peptides. It’s a lifesaver! –AD

Aveda Tulasãra Radiant Oleation Oil and Aveda Tulasãra Radiant Facial Dry Brush

161209 editorspicks avedaI won’t sugar-coat it: It’s a busy time of year. I’m easily stressed, so my skin takes a beating, but I gladly make time for this two-step calming skin-care ritual from Aveda. Using the Ayurvedic tradition of dry brushing to relieve stress and improve blood flow alongside a blend of natural plant oils, Aveda’s Tulasãra Radiant duo ($60, Aveda stores and aveda.ca and $50, Aveda stores and aveda.ca) gently exfoliates and moisturizes my skin. The result? Radiant skin alongside four minutes of well needed relaxation. I’ll take it! –ET

GMC Medical Intense Moisture Serum

161209 editorspicks gmcWhen its abrasively cold outside, maintaining optimal moisture levels through your skin-care routine becomes increasingly important to prevent dermatitis and skin sensitivity. Rich in hyaluronic acid, this serum from GMC Medical ($68, medical clinics) is my personal essential because it keeps my skin feeling soft and comforted from winter dryness. I also love using it after a professional exfoliating treatment, such as a chemical peel. The texture is gel-like, so it has a cooling effect on the skin, making me feel oh-so-refreshed! –AD

Nip + Fab Hydrate Dragon's Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot

161209 editorspicks nipandfabAlthough this concentrate sounds a little intense, it has the potential to be your skin’s best defence against our harsh winters. A sap called Dragon’s Blood is the key ingredient. Derived from a tree found in the Amazon, Dragon’s Blood protects and heals the skin from environmental factors while deeply hydrating the skin. This serum boasts 50 per cent hyaluronic acid, making for plumper skin and a brighter complexion. While this concentrate ($24.95, Shoppers Drug Mart) can be added to any day or night cream, I love using it alone for an overnight moisture boost that makes me look a little more rested than I actually am during the bustle of the holidays. –ET